Little Things We Can Implement to Combat Climate Change

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Have you watched Extrapolations? The world in 2023 has been full of floods and forest fires. Consequently, the air has become difficult to breathe, and many families have been forced out of their homes and even become homeless. 

What is the future? We do not have to feel helpless. Climate Action starts at home. Little things we can implement now to combat climate change.

 Classic Compost Bin

As soon as you start using the compost bin and putting your food scraps in it, you reduce methane emissions(CH4). Your garden will benefit from the healthy soil that you place in your garden bed in the spring and winter before your plants grow. Not only are you reducing trash, but you do not need to go to the store to buy healthy soil. Compost also helps to build healthy soil, reduce runoff, control erosion, have healthier plants and get you outdoors more often. 

Cutting CH4 emissions is one big step to immediately slowing the global warming rate. Learn more on and



In some parts of the world, water is limited and often regulated. The most significant advantage of rain barrels is that they are a free resource you can use later. Collecting rainwater means you can water your plants even when they dry outside. Tap water sometimes has regulated use. You can only water your lawn on certain days or times. Rain barrels reduce the runoffs from our roofs and make your plants healthier because the water does not contain harmful chemicals. Best of all, with this free water supply, you save money on your water bill. Learn more on and

rain barrel
reusable bags

PrettyCare Reusable Produce Bags

That’s great that many supermarkets are giving up plastic grocery bags for reusable, but why do they keep using plastic bags for fruits and vegetables? There is a big concern about plastic getting into sea marine life in our water and breast milk. 

Mesh reusable produce bags are a great alternative to plastic produce bags. Their transparent design enables bar codes to be quickly scanned through the mesh. Because they have small holes in the bag, this makes them breathable keeping your groceries fresher. They are washable and have a pop-lock in place. Learn more on and

Invest in Environmentally Friendly Stock

Consider purchasing stock in investments you believe in, whether electric car companies, companies selling solar panels or wind turbines. You can buy through your bank, WeathSimple or investment advisor. 

Purchase LED Lights 

LED lights do not contain mercury or lead. The LED lights have a longer lifespan which means lower carbon emissions. LED bulbs use approximately 70 to 80 percent less energy than traditional bulbs. Learn more on and

Recycle Your Belongings 

Before you purchase and return, consider where the returned item goes too. To eliminate excess clothing or furniture, pick a place to sell or recycle by sending your not wanted goods to poorer countries. Choose a charity where your donations go directly to people in need, get sent to other countries, or wind up repurposed.

Plant a tree or consider buying an electric car. EVs are responsible for considerably lower-than-life emissions than conventional (internal combustion engine) vehicles.

If all of us work together, change can happen!