A Woman’s Place is in Medicine: Top Medical Careers for Women

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The medical profession offers numerous opportunities for women interested in pursuing a career in a health-related field. Medical careers are not limited to just doctors or nurses, but include many other equally challenging and rewarding options. Women comprise a substantial portion of new students entering the medical profession. The American Medical Association reports that approximately 45 percent of current medical students are women. Ambitious women seeking challenging, stable and highly lucrative careers in the medical field find numerous opportunities available to them in various healthcare positions.


Nursing is the most common medical career for women for several reasons. This time-honored profession is accelerating at a record pace. The number of government operated and private hospitals has grown in recent years. As the population ages, there is more demand for nurses in convalescent homes and rehabilitation facilities. A bachelor’s degree is required to become a registered nurse with an average salary of approximately $65,000. Those with a master’s degree and more experience may earn $85,000 or more. These professionals

are responsible for providing support for doctors in hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities. Most nurses work a shift-based schedule which allows for some flexibility for working moms. The work is challenging and demanding, but also rewarding.

Physical Therapist

Highly successful physical therapists earn between $70,000 and $100,000 per year with the number of available jobs growing exponentially. Women are filling these positions in record numbers. Increasing emphasis on post-operative health care has caused this sector of the medical profession to skyrocket in recent years. They help injured patients or ones suffering from a disease gain function and mobility. They work in hospitals, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes where they are part of a medical team that may include doctors, psychologists and occupational therapists. Their primary goal is to prevent a temporary injury or disease from becoming a permanent disability.

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All physicians rely heavily on the skills and expertise of pharmacists. These professionals play a major role in overall patient care and well-being. They not only meticulously fill prescriptions ordered by medical personnel, but provide patients with valuable guidance. Pharmacists advise patients regarding the medication that is prescribed for them and maintain accurate records of all other medications a patient is taking. The average salary for a pharmacist is a high as $100,000 per year with senior pharmacists earning approximately $175,000. Women pharmacists enjoy flexible work schedules and a pleasant working environment.


Women have always played a major role in the medical field, primarily because of their precise attention to detail and their natural caring and nurturing nature. They excel in any area dealing with women’s health. Many women prefer visiting a female gynecologist and feel that women are more understanding of their health issues than a male physician. Women pediatricians undergo the highly specialized training needed to monitor the health of children. They study specific diagnostic and treatment techniques intended only for children. Job opportunities abound for all types of women physicians including those who specialize in general practice.

The culture of the medical profession has changed as women continue to make an impact in medicine. The opportunities for women in the medical field continue to grow and expand. Women face many challenges in their attempt to succeed in every aspect of the medical field, but have definitely made substantial progress. The medical field offers women the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people. Hard work, dedication and determination are needed in most medical jobs, but they do pay off in the long run. There remains a strong demand for ambitious women determined to pursue a career in any of the many available jobs in the medical field.

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