Will You Share the Dare?

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By Suzanne Casamento

How many times have you heard your friends say, “I’m never going to meet anyone” or “There are no good guys in this city”?

I’ve never had a problem meeting men. I’m an outgoing person, so saying, “Hi” and introducing myself comes easily. I’ve dated many men, who, while it turned out, weren’t right for me, were indeed, good. So when I heard my girlfriends complain over and over about the shortage of good men, I couldn’t agree.
So, one night, I challenged them to a little game.

I created a point system for exchanging numbers, receiving texts and calls and going on dates. I designated a 10 week season and in those ten weeks of competition, we went on more dates than we had in the previous two years.

I’m not a very competitive person, but even I got a little riled up when two of my wing girls were 10 points ahead of me. I went into overdrive, chatting with guys while perusing cold remedies at CVS, introducing myself in elevators and walking up to complete strangers at bars.

I didn’t win, but I had a blast meeting new people and going on date after date.
The most amazing part of that first season was that the whining about the lack of good guys had stopped. My friends and I had gained a new confidence. We walked taller, made eye contact with everyone we passed and smiled like we’d just won the lottery. We felt powerful and hot.

That’s when I realized I had an opportunity to empower other women to feel the same way. So, I launched FantasyDatingGame.com. The site provides a forum in which women form leagues, post points, cheer each other on and share dating successes and advice. Now, women all over the world Fantasy Date.
Fantasy Dating gives women an alternative to scrolling online dating profiles by challenging them to play the field in real life. Like other Fantasy Sports, players create leagues, set stakes and compete to earn points. But when they Fantasy Date, women earn the points by exchanging numbers, receiving texts, calls and going on dates. 

FantasyDatingGame.com empowers women to take chances, build confidence and find love by incorporating flirting into their daily routines. Knowing her wing girl is winning by six points will give a woman the guts to chat up a guy waiting for his frappuccino at Starbucks. In fact, when she Fantasy Dates, the woman won’t leave the coffee shop without giving him her number.

One by one, we’re changing the stories women tell themselves about why they’re not dating, like, “All the good ones are married,” and “There aren’t any nice guys in this city.” The truth is, there are good men everywhere. And we’re loving finding them.
We’re challenging singles to join us and dare to date. Will you Share the Dare?

Suzanne Casamento is the CEO of FantasyDatingGame.com. She created Fantasy Dating after getting tired of hearing her single girlfriends whine about their boring love lives. Since then, they have all dared to date.