Do You Trust Yourself At The Doctor?


By Haleh Rabizadeh Resnick, Esq.

You’d figure we know ourselves better than anyone else. After all, we’ve lived with our selves since before we were born. So why is it that we don’t trust ourselves?

Look, I get it when we don’t trust ourselves not to reach for the next piece of luscious chocolate cake. I get it when we don’t trust ourselves to actually keep that promise to organize the closet.  But what’s our excuse for not trusting ourselves on how we feel?

If you know something’s not right because your head’s been hurting lately or your stomach’s off or you’re just not yourself- TRUST YOURSELF.  Did I just shout that?  I meant it.  So often we go to the doctor with a complaint and we walk out thinking we’re just imagining it or it’s just stress.  Look, I’m not saying that it’s not because of stress but whatever you have, it’s there.  It’s legit.  Speak up.

Many times women walk into doctors’ offices knowing that something just isn’t right and we walk out demoralized.  What’s happening is that our sense of instinct is being overwhelmed with science and pure logic.  Not that I’m against science and logic it’s just that instinct is beyond logic and we’ve all been trained that logic must rule the day.

Women have a sixth sense. We have instinct. Trust it.

I just spoke to a mom who went to a doctor’s office with the feeling that her daughter just wasn’t right.  Her doctor told her that her daugther was spoiled- that’s why she cried.  The mom left that doctor and found another.  Turned out her baby had a urinary track infection.

A friend of mine went to different doctors for years because she kept gaining weight.  They told her to go on a diet and exercise.  She was doing both.  She finally found a doctor who belived her that something wasn’t quite right.  He ordered some blood work and found that her thyroid was underactive.

So, how do you trust yourself when you’re at the doctor?

Be clear on what your issue is before you make your appointment.
Write down some questions.
Make sure you ask your questions.
Once the doctor walks out, think about what he said.
If it doesn’t make sense call back the nurse.  She may have the answer or may get the doctor for you.

Good Luck and let me know how it goes.

About the Author: Haleh Rabizadeh Resnick, Esq.
Mother of a handful.  Speaker, Advocate and Author of the nationally recognized Little Patient Big Doctor:  One Mother’s Journey.


Photos by: @littlepatientbigdoctor

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