The Best Ways to Save Money on Health Supplements

Dixie Somers By Dixie Somers351 views

In recent years, there has been an upsurge in supplement use. There was a time when you could only purchase supplements in health food stores or specialty locations. Now they are available at grocery stores, pharmacies, and online. Quality supplements can be expensive, making them out of the reach for some who work with a limited budget. What is the best way for you to save money on health supplements?

Stop Buying from Stores

Most retail stores have a considerable amount of overhead, which they cover by raising the price of the products they sell. Even if you find health supplements on sale, or if you find a coupon for them, it is likely the price you will pay will be higher than what these same products are offered for online. You likely will find higher-quality supplements online at a reduced price, such as at sites like AlgaeCal.

Sign Up for Their Newsletter

It’s likely that you already get a lot of email. However, many brand-name companies offer special deals to repeat customers. Signing up for a company’s newsletter will allow you to know about these deals, often times before other people do. Many supplement companies will offer special pricing through their newsletter that they don’t offer to anyone else.

Purchase in Bulk

On some online stores, you can purchase vitamin C in a 16-ounce bag for approximately $23. So you pay five cents per gram. At the same store at the brick, you can purchase a 50-pound bag for $378. You end up paying approximately one cent per gram. While this is an extreme example, it helps to show the benefit that comes from buying your products in bulk, especially if you know that it is something that works for you and your family and you know it is something that you are going to use throughout the year.

Get Your Insurance Company to Pay for It

This idea does not work with every insurance company. However, many insurance companies will cover the cost of supplements if your doctor prescribes them to help you deal with a vitamin or a mineral deficiency. You may be able to obtain vitamins, minerals, and supplements in bulk with your insurance company and have them cover the majority, if not all, of the cost.

Good health has a price tag attached to it. Supplements are expensive. However, if you take the time to shop online, are willing to try generic products, purchase in bulk, and see if your insurance company can cover the expense, you may find that you are able to maintain good health while sticking to your budget.