Book of the Month: Interview with Daniel Friedmann

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The Interview

Tell me about yourself and your book?

I am currently the CEO of Canada’s leading aerospace company which is involved in space exploration and the Hubble telescope. I am  a professional engineer and holds a master’s degree in engineering physics.

I am the author of The Genesis One Code, which demonstrates an alignment between the times of key events described in the creation narrative in the book of Genesis with those derived from scientific theory and The-Broken-Gift-smallobservation. My second book entitled The Broken Gift  demonstrates an alignment between the key events and timeline recounting the appearance of humans in the book of Genesis with those derived from the fossil record and genetic studies

What is The Fossil Record?

The study of fossils across geological time, their formation, and the evolutionary relationships among them are key functions of paleontology.The fossil record depicts life’s history as it unfolded over the span of 3.5 billion years. My book talks about this subject in detail.

What’s the most important message readers will get from reading your book?

Science and religion agree on many aspects of our origins and provide complimentary knowledge that, when integrated in one package as the book does, answers a great deal of the origins question.

Did Eve really exist and was she the first Woman?

Yes, Eve existed but she was a divine being and very different from us. There is more but you will need to read my book to find out more details

Why would any scientist need to consider biblical sources to answer the origins question? Aren’t we certain we evolved?

Certain or not about evolution there are many open questions in science today, such as: a. why only us? There were about 20 hominin species, only we survived.
b. Why did we develop advanced conceptual thinking, art, etc?
c. how did language come about?
d. many other questions that science has ideas on but not definitive answers.

How does your book benefit Women and their families?

The book provides hours of quality time discussing and debating The Human Origins Mystery.

The book Is available for purchase at: Amazon,
iTunes, UntreedReads and Kobo.