Best Getaways for a Girls Weekend

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A getaway with the girls can be one of the most exciting vacations to embark on, it does however depend on the destination and choosing the wrong one could result in a wasted escape.

There are a number of activities to consider, including a spa weekend, a shopping trip, or alternatively a much-needed relaxation retreat where the only endeavor you intend to partake in is relaxing by the pool.

Girl Getaways For The Adventurous

Those that wish to experience the great outdoors and embark on a challenge, as opposed to settling into a beach chair, will more than likely wish to test the boundaries. A growing number of holiday spots are now choosing to merge comfort with adventure, providing a getaway that boasts an unforgettable experience.

Exploring the ancient caves and ruins of Belize is an ideal destination option for the more adventurous explorer. It’s combination of labyrinthine underground caves, lush rainforests and Mayan ancient ruins make for never a dull moment. It’s wise to book on a tour as without a guide you may find yourself a little lost. Some tour operators even offer the unique experience of local homestays, which allows you to view both the cultural and scenic side of things.

As with any trip, it’s wise to invest in travel insurance, which will cover you for the likes of lost baggage, accidents, delays and any other mishaps that may encounter without warning.



If you’re planning on embarking on a summer holiday with a group of girls, it’s not uncommon to have a few disagreements about where to go and what to see. It’s therefore important to choose a destination that’s fun for the entire party.

A culinary learning vacation is a travel experience with a slight twist. A number of celebrity chefs have now turned their famous restaurants into holiday destination hotspots. Not only will you learn the ins and outs of a variety of impressive dishes, you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of your labour in picturesque surroundings.

Another option is to embark on involves a 5-day culinary boot camp, which combines both a gastronomic experience with the art of food. Despite what the name may suggest, there’s no exercise required.

A Spa Date

If you’ve had a hectic year, venturing to an exquisite spa may be the only thing on your mind. Some however are choosing to combine both a spa date with an adventure-packed trip. After all, an exhausting day spent trekking up the side of a mountain on horseback will make you appreciate a relaxing spa date so much more. There are a number of destinations to choose from and many venues will offer seasonal promotions and jam-packed packages, meaning you’ll get the most for your money. Both traditional and natural remedies are available, and if you’re travelling in a large group, it’s important to ensure the spa in question can cater to each individual’s needs.

Bachelorette Party Spots

If you’re about to get married, then this is the perfect excuse to plan a girly getaway. Unlike any other holiday, this is one to remember and therefore, a little extra planning should be expected. A popular choice this season appears to be hiring out a country retreat, in where you gather up all of your nearest and dearest and spend the entire weekend in a spa-infused luxury manor house that boasts champagne on tap.

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