Young Couple’s Kitchen: Designing It Right

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]One of the milestones in the life of a young couple is buying a new house, settling in and making it a home. Each room presents a challenge, but designing a kitchen is probably the hardest task. This room is no longer solely a female space, as it was in the past. With dramatic shifts in gender roles, the kitchen now has to be a space where both partners can test their culinary skills.

Today, an ideal kitchen for a contemporary couple is one that is equally functional and attractive, modern and practical, as well as one that is great space for all kinds of home activities, projects and chores. Basically, this means designing a multi-purpose room that will set the basis for the young couple’s future life. Here are several design aspects to consider when creating a young couple’s kitchen space.

Setting the budget

The most common problem in any remodeling project occurs when people get unrealistic right from the start regarding their wishes and the disposable budget. It’s crucial for the young couple to truly understand all the elements of a renovation and possibly ask someone more experienced for advice and help.

The next important step is getting an estimate for each detail, prioritizing spending, and setting aside a back-up fund for the almost inevitable unpredictable moments.

Space, storage and equipment

As young couples usually enjoy preparing meals together, it’s best to decide on a layout that allows both of them to move freely. The U-Shape and the L-shape are the most convenient layouts as they let both partners go about their business without getting in each other’s way. Another great option is the parallel kitchen where the space between the two counters allows the couple to have separate task stations, without bumping into one another.

Two people in the kitchen means two chefs, two different cooking styles, and many different gadgets. This is why it’s necessary to plan for enough storage to hold various small appliances and cooking equipment such as pots, frying pans, blenders, and food processors. They should be within easy reach and access at all times. This will allow the kitchen to be customized so that both individuals can have their own designated area to do their part of food preparation.

Even though most young couples have a limited budget for their renovations, there are certain things worth splurging on. Expert designers advise to invest money into a few key items, such as the high quality counters and appliances, and leave the rest standard. In that way, the items you splurged on will stand out. Such is the case with the latest line of Bertazzoni ranges, either with a smooth or a natural gas cooktop with cast iron grates. In combination with a stainless steel hood and a refrigerator, these appliances will make your kitchen look elegant and expensive even if you use modest cabinets and furnishings.


Blending the tastes

Two people in a relationship will naturally have different personalities and aesthetic tastes and since they’ll be spending a lot of their time together in the kitchen, it’s a good idea to try and blend their individual tastes and meet halfway by designing a unique mix of styles. In this way, both parties will be satisfied with the final result and their individualities will be shown through small personal touches, such as travel memorabilia, childhood memories, photos or wedding gifts.

Personalization is a perfect way for young couples to express their taste and incorporate new design trends into their kitchen, such as mixing woodgrains and striking colors, and adding metallic and concrete surfaces to create interest and a bespoke look.

Cleaning and washing up

With the rising awareness of the importance of going green, a lot of young couples are opting to incorporate eco-friendly practices into their new kitchens, especially regarding the cleaning and washing up. One such example is creating separate recycling stations for waste and compost. It gives the opportunity for young couples to keep their home and environment cleaner in a joint effort.

Also, in order to make the washing up easier, it’s a good idea to have a double sink so that both partners can use its different sides when necessary. It’s a great choice for a kitchen with two cooks, as it can be used during the cooking process by both of them, or for separating the clean dishes from the dirty ones.

Hopefully, these tips will help young couples compromise while defining their personal decorating styles, so that both of them can feel happy and comfortable in their new kitchen that is a reflection of their vibrant personalities.

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