Lost A Tooth? Top 4 Replacement Options

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When you lose one of your front teeth, you’ll probably cover your face when you smile or stop smiling all together. That lost tooth can impact the way you feel about yourself and the way others feel about you too. It can prevent you from getting a promotion at work or finding the love of your life. Your self-confidence can drop too, even if you only have a missing tooth in the back or side of your mouth. Working with a dentist will let you take advantage of the four best options for replacing that missing tooth.

Dental Implant
Dental implants are the best remedy for a missing tooth. An implant consists of both the implant itself, which looks like a small screw implanted in your jaw, and a crown that looks like a natural tooth that attaches to that implant. It usually takes two appointments to get an implant. You need to give the implant time to heal and for your jaw bone to accommodate it before the dentist affixes the crown.

Fixed Bridge
A fixed bridge is best for those missing two or more teeth. The dentist will affix fake teeth inside your mouth to replace those missing teeth. You can opt for different shades to match your natural teeth. A fixed bridge is a permanent solution that can last for years.

Partial Bridge
The main difference between a fixed bridge and partial bridge is that you can remove a partial bridge. This lets you clean the bridge at night and remove stuck on food debris too. Removable bridges are best for teeth in the front of the mouth but not suitable for all teeth. These bridges cannot withstand as much pressure from eating and usually do not last as long as fixed bridges do.

Maryland Bridge
A Maryland bridge is yet another option. Dentists can use this type of bridge to replace one or more missing teeth. It consists of a small oral appliance that looks like a regular tooth. Small wings on the back of the bridge attach to the healthy teeth nearby to keep it in place. The dentist may use a type of dental resin to bond the bridge to your teeth, but even with that resin, it won’t last as long as a permanent bridge.

Replacing a missing tooth can improve your self-confidence, but these remedies can also improve your speech and help you eat better. Talk with your dentist, like the professionals found at Stones River Dental, about which option is best for your smile.

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