Editor’s Choice ‘Vengeance In the Wind’ by Judy Bruce

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Author Judy Bruce also known as “Hey Jood” maintains a website where you can find other books in the Wind Series.

Meet Megan also known as Annie Oakley of the Wild West.

About the Book Vengeance In the Wind

In the sixth story of the “Wind” series, we see a softer side to Megan. She feels haunted by some of the events that had happened to her in her past. We quickly feel empathy for her as she has been Vengeance in the Wind bookshot at, divorced, knifed, and solved many murders and family mysteries. In this fiction book, following a trip to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, Megan Docket, a young attorney, is nearly raped. Megan’s life continues to live in the fast lane in western Nebraska. While helping her friends plan and execute a haunted house. The house was full of Zombies, Witches, Dracula, and noisy kids who wanted to be scared and receive treats. Nobody heard the gunshot that sounded. Her intuition has never failed her, and other family members have learned to believe in her instinct. She warned her family that something terrible was going to happen. Megan’s private detective skills came into play as she quickly recorded the participants at the house and went downstairs at the time of the murder. She asked the kids to leave, and sure enough, she found Trent Maxwell lying in a pool of blood. Megan did not trust the sheriff assigned to the case nor the overzealous prosecutor.

She worries that her family and friends might be accused of the murder because they were within the range of the estimated gunshot and the killer’s location. Megan decides to legally represent the people close to her so that she can help expose the killer. The mystery continues as they discover that the murder weapon found at the haunted house did not kill Trent. Even worse, they find out that someone is impersonating Trent.

When her mother and her law firm staff are held hostage by the killers and her husband is implicated in the murder, she uses her wits and becomes a heroine to save her loved ones.


Book Details

Paperback: 250 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1687318466
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My Thoughts

What can I say I love books that empower women! Judy Bruce’s writing style is very descriptive and motivational. Her dry sense of humour keeps you laughing throughout the book.

The role of the main character, Megan, changes throughout the book series. In each series, I learn more about Megan as a person. In this series, I see the emotional toll on Megan’s mental health. I immediately feel empathy towards Megan and admire her courageous deeds. From speaking up against racism, protecting her friends and family. We see Megan’s unselfishness when she takes in strangers and gives them homes. I see how valuable she is in solving this complex case. As an attorney, her firm has grown, and I admire that she is actively involved in her community. Once reading other books in the series, we fully understand and respect the power of Megan’s psychic ability. The police have relied continually throughout the book on her intuitive observations and keen detective skills to help solve the murder of Trent Maxwell.

Though the titles to Judy Bruce’s ‘Wind’ series of books changes, the book covers do not change, Letting the reader quickly identify each book as part of that series. Excellent marketing tactic listing the other books that are part of the “Wind” series at the beginning of the book.

This is an excellent book for women who are horse lovers and lovers of mystery, suspense, and adventure books.

My favourite Collection of Judy Bruce’s Books:

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  • Alone in the Wind
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  • Death Steppe: A World War II Novel

About the Author

Judy Bruce is a resident of Omaha, Nebraska, USA, where she lives with her husband, daughter, and autistic son. She has a law degree from Creighton University. She maintains a website at judybruce.com.