UNLIMITED: The Seventeen Proven Laws for Success in a Workplace Not Designed for You

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“They say you cannot control how others see you, but you can adjust their perception.”

About the Book UNLIMITED

The book is about resilience with the important message women can succeed in a “man’s world.” It does not matter your origin or sex; with the right help, you can become a corporate leader. The book talks about Eugina Jorden, a single mom and immigrant who overcame many obstacles while climbing the corporate ladder. She was a woman who did not allow people to limit her when it came to her ambitions.

She began as a domestic abuse survivor who started working as a busboy in a restaurant and became a telecom executive. Throughout the book, Eugina talks about controversial subjects and gives sound advice on the steps involved in how to succeed. Learn more about the book here: https://www.amazon.com/
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Some of my favourite topics in the book are:

Chapter 1—We need to understand that the system (Corporate America) is set up for white men, and as women, we should not allow that system to prevent you from growing.  Eugina teaches you how to deal with microaggressive people and provides real-life examples.

Chapter 2--When you do not look to fit in like most of your co-workers, you need to learn how to show your value, as they will question you often. The underrepresented need to work harder but still juggle family.

Chapter 5 –Don’t apologize for being you. Eugina provides stories of real-life situations women face, including using Michelle Obama as an example.

Chapter 8— Using Disney as an example, how you treat a failure will determine if you succeed in a workplace not designed for you. Failure is a stepping stone to achieving success; you close the door to the past and don’t forget the mistakes that were made. Failure is important because it teaches you resilience.


“I have not failed 10,000 times—I’ve successfully found 10,000 ways that will not work. People give up because they don’t know how close they are to success.”

My Thoughts

I love that this book addresses issues that people refuse to acknowledge. You need to recognize the problems first to be able to address them and find solutions. Not only does she address these issues, but she also finds solutions. Issues like the workplace are not designed for women, the hardships women face, and the daily obstacles immigrants and people of colour face. She provides examples of underrepresented people who overcame obstacles and achieved corporate success. Each chapter has journaling exercises and worksheets that help you self-reflect and set goals. Each chapter has motivational titles such as Take Control of Your Destiny, The Law of Choice, and The Law of Balance. My favourite chapter was chapter 8, “The Law of Failure.” This book explains how to handle failure in detail and why failing could mean you are close to success. Eugina tells us that we should never apologize for being you. UNLIMITED is an excellent book for women and people from minority groups who want to be successful leaders. This book could be handed down from mother to daughter to prepare her to overcome workplace obstacles.

“Yet, the new high still only translates to around 15 percent female representation at the top of the country’s biggest public businesses” (Buchholz, 2022).

About the Author

Eugina Jordan is an executive who has built her career from a secretary to chief marketing officer in telecom, where women represent only 12 percent of the C-suite. She is an author, an inventor, and a well-sought-after speaker. A strong voice for women in tech, she won the outstanding achievement “Diversity in Tech” GLOMO Award by GSMA at Mobile World Congress 2023. Eugina resides in Massachusetts with her husband, teenage son, and three rescue dogs.
Eugina can be reached at www.euginajordan.com

Unlimited by Eugina Jordan