Business of the Month: Interview with Instagrad

Editorial Staff By Editorial Staff228 views

What is the name of your business?

My business is called  Instagrad.

What is the primary objective of your business?

My objective is to facilitate college saving for families and encourage spending money into college saving accounts instead of buying toys or stuff the children don’t need.

What service (s) or product (s) do you provide?

Create a platform,, where families can create a profile for their child, add a college saving plan, and then pay contributions online and have friends and family contribute as well. Thus, even the grandparents and relatives from abroad can invest money into the college saving plan.

What advice would you like to give business owners?

Always stay close to your customer, and constantly re-evaluate your product and your way of doing business. That’s why we are currently reaching out to mamas from all walks of life

How does your business benefit Women and their families?

Benefit for women & families: we facilitate saving for college with our platform Most children are drowning in toys, and their families & friends don’t know what else they could buy as a gift. We encourage them to spend that money into the child’s college saving account instead. Also, even grandparents and family from abroad can easily invest. The days of check writing are over!