6 Self-Defense Tips for Women

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Women must always be aware of the dangers around them to prevent becoming a statistic. If you work long hours and find yourselves walking to your vehicle in the dark, you should be ready to take action to defend yourself, if attacked. Here are 6 tips that can help you to be safer in your everyday activities:

1. Pepper Spray

Carrying pepper spray is one of the easiest methods of self-protection for women. It does not require a large expense or specialized training. Pepper spray has deterrent capability without the hazards of other types of self-protection. Some models include the dispensing of a permanent dye onto the assailant so that they can be identified easily later. Pepper spray products are available that also flash a blinding light to incapacitate the attacker. Most devices are small enough to fit into a purse or pocket.

2. Tasers

Tasers are devices that produce an electrical current to temporarily incapacitate an attacker. These units are hand-held and are designed for single use. The effect is both psychological and physiological. The electrical current interferes with the attacker’s neurological system, rendering them powerless. Even the sight of a Taser will

cause an attacker to think twice before attacking because of the fear of the discomfort of the electrical current. The devices are small enough to fit into a purse or a tote bag.

3. Firearms

A number of small firearms are available that are easy to carry to help women protect themselves against attack when they are working late or are alone in their homes at night. Many communities across the nation provide

concealed carry licenses that allow women to carry firearms with them under all circumstances. A number of methods and products for carrying your weapon are available. Choose one that works well for your lifestyle. For example, a stylish concealed carry purse will ensure that you are able to protect yourself while still remaining discrete and complementing your outfit.

4. Stay Alert in Your Surroundings

Many times, women get lost in their own thoughts or their plans for what they will do for the rest of the day or evening. This habit can put women in danger, making it easier for criminals to take advantage of their lack of attention. Make a point of staying alert as you go from place to place

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during your day. Make note of people standing nearby. Note unusual actions or appearances. Be ready to take defensive actions if necessary.

5. Learn Simple Self-Protective Techniques

Women can learn a few easy self-defense moves that can serve them well if they are ever attacked while walking to their cars or into the entryways of their buildings. These may include such actions as:
• Don’t linger in your car in the parking garage or on the street. Get moving immediately/to reduce the risk of being attacked.
• Avoid being distracted by your phone, especially through texting or tweeting.
• Be less open with personal information. Avoid broadcasting personal data such as phone numbers, addresses, daily schedules and other particulars that can be used by criminals.

6. Fight Back To Escape

Woman can still use their muscle strength and agility to break the hold of an attacker. Use hands or keys to injure the attacker’s eyes. Use lower body strength to injure genitals or feet. Use your wits and muscles to break the hold on your body. You can then run to a populated area where help is available.
Women must be ready to use whatever methods are available to them to prevent being harmed by violent criminals. These tips can help to keep you safe as you go about your normal activities.

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