5 Ways to Avoid Enamel and Tooth Breakdown

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Teeth are enclosed in a uniform and sturdy coating of enamel which plays a crucial role in protecting them from discomfort and decay. Even though the enamel is the hardest component in the body, it is extremely fragile. A couple of factors ranging from the foods you consume to the force you exert on the teeth when brushing may prompt it to wear away. Unfortunately, the enamel cannot be replaced. Therefore, you should do all you can to protect it and your teeth from breaking down. Here are five ways to avoid enamel and tooth breakdown:

1. Avoid Soda as Much as You Can

Obviously, soda is sugary, tastes sweet, and quenches your thirst. But, did you know it is among the top destroyers of teeth enamel? It is usually the case if you consume it in large amounts. Sodas contain high sugar content which provides a suitable environment for the growth of decay-causing bacteria. Unsweetened fizzy drinks and diet sodas are also not safe because they are acidic.

2. Watch Your Citrus Intake

Citrus fruits are rich in fiber and vitamins. Also, they are relatively acidic. Eating too many grapefruits, oranges, and beverages that contain lemon juice can be hazardous to your teeth. Here, moderation is key. Watch what you eat and the amount of citrus you take.

3. Opt for Dairy

Certain foods may destroy the enamel while others help to build it up: but only if it is not lost completely. Dairy products and cheese help to protect the teeth. For instance, when you eat cheese, your mouth produces saliva, which rinses away acidic components and debris. Cheese is also rich in phosphate and calcium: the two compounds re-mineralize a weaker enamel.

4. Chew Gums after Taking Meals

Chewing gums help stimulate the production of saliva. As aforementioned, saliva washes away acidic elements off the teeth and protects the enamel throughout the day. Gums are different—there are those

that are right for you and those that are not. Choose only sugar-free gums, and gums that contain xylitol, which is good for your teeth.

@ iStock Photo/alvarez
@ iStock Photo/alvarez

5. Use Braces

If your bite is off, your teeth might be grinding against each other and wearing each other down. In this case, braces can protect your enamel and teeth. If you want braces, talk to an orthodontist at a clinic like Montano & Cardall Orthodontic Specialists and let them detect the extent of your erosion before inserting the braces on your teeth. The orthodontist will also offer you tips on how to reduce enamel and tooth breakdown.
Making the above changes in your life can help reduce permanent enamel loss and strive towards a brighter and healthier smile. Taking care of the enamel will also deter other dental issues and keep your teeth in perfect shape and health.

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