5 Questions With Resilience Expert Zaheen Nanji

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Zaheen Nanji is the author of “The Resilience Reflex.” Zaheen shares with her readers the 8 Keys to Transforming Barriers into Success in Life and Business.

She owns Shanti Wellness and Laser Centre in Alberta, Canada and is the author of four books of which two are co-authored. Zaheen Nanji is an award winning author, radio host, speaker and entrepreneur. She is a certifiedDSC_9208-Edit(1) Health Coach with Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

Zaheen teaches people how to make resilience their first reflex using her 3-step system: Release, Re-program and Resolve. She can be reached at http://www.zaheennanji.com

Listen to Zaheen Nanji’s live internet radio interview on United Kingdom’s The Women in Business Radio Show



The Interview

Q –Describe your book in 3 words.

Everyday Coping Skills.

Q –What do you think will surprise readers the most?

Readers will be surprised by the amount of breakthrough tools I have provided. Most non-fiction self-help books will tell you what to do, but most don’t tell you HOW to do it. This is where I find readers miss the boat.

Q –What is Resilience Reflex and how does it benefit me as an entrepreneur, manager or CEO in business?

The Resilience Reflex is about building everyday coping mechanisms, in other words your mental resilience muscle, by learning simple techniques to easily manage challenges or change. It is a system that is broken down into 3 steps – Release, Reprogram and Resolve, and most people get stuck in the first step – Release. However, I have found that leadership roles get stumped in the second step – Reprogram, because they have to execute decisions in a short amount of time. Sometimes it’s the right decision and at other times the consequences can affect bottom lines. So how does one get past the  challenge, ask the right critical questions and move forward using the right steps? That is what Resilience Reflex is all about. As a business woman myself, I have faced many obstacles – from losing money to staff turnovers and conflict in the workplace. However, learning from past experiences and viewing it as feedback rather than failure helped me improvise my business systems so I could avoid the same setbacks in the future.


Q –What is The Resilience Reflex and how does it benefit me as an employee?

I’ve found that employees are faced with mainly two challenges. The first is changes in work policies or software systems, and the second, is doing more with less. I’ve been an employee in the health industry and I can understand the challenges front line workers face. Most of the time employees feel that leadership does not understand how front line works, but that is not true all the time. Leadership knows that without front line workers they would not be able to run an organization. In Resilience Reflex, I explain the cycles of change, the formula for emotional resilience and effective relationship skills (Called LIMP) that would benefit any employee.

Q – What is The Resilience Reflex and how does it benefit me in my personal life?

Life will throw us curveballs, but it’s doing that so that we can become mentally strong, build our resilience muscle, and bounce back. Someone once said, “Life is not measured by how many times I fall down, but by how many times I’m able to get up.” In Resilience Reflex, you will understand why you behave the way you do during challenging times, how to start changing those patterns so that you can come out of the worry state and keep creating the life you want. One of the chapters in my book explains the 4 kinds of belief systems we have and how we can start changing them. This will definitely benefit anyone in their personal or professional life.