Author Interview – Zaheen Nanji “Attract Your Ideal Weight: 8 Secrets of People Who Lose Weight and Keep It Off “


Zaheen Nanji is the author of “Attract Your Ideal Weight.” Zaheen shares with her readers the 8 Secrets of People Who Lose Weight and Keep It Off in her book Attract Your Ideal Weight.

She owns Shanti Wellness and Laser Centre in Alberta, Canada and is the author of three books of which two are co-authored. Zaheen Nanji is a Resilience Champion, speaker and Zaheen Nanjientrepreneur. She is a certified Health Coach with Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Zaheen hosted a radio show on blog talk radio called. “Fat to Thin: Attract Your Ideal Weight”, but she has now moved on to hosting “Attract Your Ideal Weight” Live Show on Google Hangouts on Air.

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The Interview

Q -What advice can you give families who are trying to help family members lose weight?

Teach your children how to listen to their bodies and know when they are satisfied. I teach my own daughter that if you have eaten until your stomach feel uncomfortable against your ribs than you ate too much. So now she is learning how to listen to her body.

Eat what is closest to God. What I mean is eat what is whole instead of highly processed. Get back in the kitchen and cook as a family.

Q –How does this book benefit individuals struggling with weight loss?

This is not your typical diet book. I don’t tell you how many calories to eat. The reason that individuals gain weight is because after a diet or weight loss program they go back to their old habits and behaviours instead of breaking those patterns. They go back to their old triggers that cause emotional eating. They have not learned how to listen to their body. They have not learned how to build resilience in this area. In fact, my book is like a pre-requisite course for individuals to read before going on a diet. My book has also been labeled as “ The Psychology Handbook for Weight Loss”.

Q -The title of your book what does it mean?

I like the word attract because it puts you in control. Once you start changing your behavours and mind set, you automatically become a magnet that will attract your ideal weight.

How long did it take to do the research, write the book, and have it published? It took me about a year to do the research and four months to write the book.

Q -Describe your book in 3 words.

Behavior weight loss

Q -Who is your intended audience?

People who have struggled with their weight for a long time.

Q -Are there recipes in your book? Where do they come from?

I do not have recipes in my book, but I do have them on my blog. My food ideas come from my heritage which is East Indian and Kenyan. These recipes are healthy and are based on the paleo lifestyle approach because I find that approach flexible and easy to incorporate with my culture.

Q – How can we contact you to learn more about “Attract Your Ideal Weight.”

I would gladly answer any questions related to Attract Your Ideal Weight. You can contact me on my website As well message me on Facebook. Attract Your Ideal Weight is available at and other retailers.

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