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The Interview

What is the name of your business?, an online touch typing course for kids.

What is the primary objective of your business?

Teach kids touch typing!
Touch typing is a skill that is as frequently overlooked by most parents as it is important. Children spend an incredible amount of time behind the computer and by learning touch typing they can increase their writing speed up to five times.

What service (s) or product (s) do you provide?

TypeKids is a complete online course that consists of thirty lessons. To keep kids engaged we made the course FUN! Children get to play games at the end of each lesson and participate in a pirate adventure.

A great feature of the product is that intelligent software is used. The program detects which letters require more practice and changes the exercises accordingly. This way the course adapts itself to the needs of each student.

What advice will you give to struggling business owners?

Offer a product or service you belief in and enjoy and keep going for it. Even if you are not successful in monetary terms you will have a great time and that´s a lot more than most people at their jobs.

What advice will you give that you have learned along to the way?

Test everything! You´d be surprised how often what works is different than what you anticipated.

How does your business benefit Women and their families?

Kids learn a valuable skill that they will enjoy for the rest of their lives.

Learn more about touch typing course for kids.