Kiddie Cosmetic Surgery: Necessity Or Just Bad Parenting?

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Plastic surgery has gained in popularity with teens over the years and many are questioning who is actually to blame for their feelings of inadequacy. More than 160,000 teens today undergo cosmetic procedures, such as liposuction, breast augmentation, Botox injections, nose reconstruction and eye lid surgery. One may say that reality shows, celebrity coverage and peer pressure may be the core reasons for their shortcomings. Other reasons conclude that parents are just as guilty because they are undergoing the procedures along with their teens.

Psychological Well-Being

Cosmetic procedures are often thought to be beneficial in teens who have experienced a sports related injury such as a broken nose or cuts and abrasions. However, much of today’s youth is looking to improve upon their minor imperfections because it can boost their psychological well-being. Whether it’s to repair a small bump on the bridge of the nose or to help a teen get rid of fat around the middle through liposuction, research has led many to believe that the cosmetic improvements can be beneficial to a teen’s self-confidence.

Sending the Wrong Message

Since parents can sometimes be partially to blame for a teens need to achieve perfection, you may find that getting surgery at such an early age can lead to a lifetime of feelings of inadequacy. Plastic surgery has gained in popularity in both men and women, with many trying to achieve the eternal fountain of youth. Whether it’s done to look younger in the workplace or to attract a younger dating audience, cosmetic surgery such as Botox, chest implants, liposuction and eye lid surgery have become a necessity for some. Unfortunately, this can lead a teen down a dangerous path toward perfection and pleasing others.

Medical Malpractice

As with any type of surgery, you’ll find that there are numerous risks and complications associated with them. Elective plastic surgery for vain purposes can open the door to medical malpractice, especially if the physician is untrained or fails to follow the proper rules and regulations. Medical mistakes can be life altering and include disfigurement, injuries and even death. As noted by one Michigan medical malpractice attorney,”You can’t turn back the clock and prevent a medical error from happening, but you can protect your rights.”

While many of today’s plastic surgeons are licensed and have adequate training, you’ll find a significant number of doctor’s without the proper licensing. A medical malpractice attorney has the knowledge and expertise to protect your teen and investigate if there was potential risk involved.

Exceptional Circumstances

There are exceptional circumstances where cosmetic surgery may be necessary such as in cases where a child has large ears needing to be pinned back or birth marks in odd places. However, cosmetic surgery may not be the answer and some parents will continue to push the procedure on their child. If a teen is unsure and isn’t getting teased or bullied, you’ll find it best to wait it out until they’re ready.

The rate of plastic surgery for teens has gone up at an alarming rate over the years. While some of the procedures are medically related to an injury or illness, you’ll find that there are a majority of teens undergoing cosmetic improvements, so they can be accepted by society.

Nadine Swayne writes this article hoping to shed light on the issue of kids and cosmetic procedures. While gathering materials, she searched the terms Michigan medical malpractice attorney, and forwards this information on teens, surgery and medical malpractice.