Plan Your Party Like A Party Planner

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I am thrilled to partner with Bloominous to bring you this wedding advice.


Summer is full of outdoor parties, weekend getaways at the cottage, weddings, visits from relatives and various other social events. Listed below are tips on how to through your party like a professional party planner.

Plan the theme

Whether you are planning a theme or color co-ordinating this event. Create a printable checklist to keep you on track. Make a shopping list and budget at least a week before your party. Determine who will setup the event and who will prepare the food for the event.

Send Invitations

Whether you email invitations or create theme based invitations on your computer plan to send these out at least two weeks ahead and follow-up by phone or email.

Decorations and flowers

Set the mood with lights, candles and flowers during your event. Don’t be afraid to enlist help with the catering or with the decorations. If this is a wedding you can save lots of time by enlisting professionals when possible.
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Line up any help you may need

Whether you decide to use a caterer whose food fits the theme of your event or whether you decide to prepare the food yourself you should have your plans in place at least a few days before the event. Students sometimes will volunteer as part of their co-op if their course study is related to event planning.

Notify the neighbours

If there is going to be lots of street parking and noise advising the neighbors or even inviting the neighbors keeps the party running smoothly.

Setup clean stations

You will need to have lots of garbage cans that are visible to your guests. Depending on the nature of your event you may have 3-5 course meals. You will need to have clean stations setup so that you can quickly take care of dishes and other mishaps.

Music or Party Games

If you plan to play music at your event or hire a local band make sure that you plan ahead to have enough space for dancing after the dinner. Use tables and chairs that fold up and can be easily moved.