Planning Your Best Friends Baby Shower

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A baby shower is a time for you to show your support for you friend and help your best friend prepare for her newborn. This is a time for friends to share their baby stories with the soon to be new mum.


The ideal time for a baby shower is before the baby is born. This gives the mother to be a chance to relax once the baby arrives because she is already stocked up with what she needs for the baby. She can determine what she needs and what is missing before the baby is born. The last couple of months of a pregnancy can be stressful a baby shower gives the mother the emotional support she needs.

What to bring?

Pregnancy books are extremely helpful in preparing the mother not only for the baby to be but helping her understand some of the stages involved in her pregnancy. As her best friend you want to ensure that she has read up as much information as possible. This gift can be given during the shower or before.

Necessities such as diapers, formula, baby whites and pacifiers are essentials for the expectant mother. As her best friend you want to make sure she has the best; the top must have baby items are listed here.

Planning the Event

You should send the invitations out 3 weeks before. Registering the guests with a department store is something to consider. Giving goody bags to the guests and playing games during the shower is a great way to keep everyone feeling appreciated and entertained. Depending on the guest list you may consider holding the event in a hall, club or restaurant. This way the mother to be does not have to worry about clean up.

Food and Refreshments

Consider having the guests bring a potluck. This way all diet restrictions are implemented and will not ruin the occasion. As the host of the event consider providing food that can be eaten at room temperature and is quick to make. Pizza, salad, cheese, crackers, cake and fruit are easy to make and keep at room temperature.

During the event don’t forget to bring that camera, after all this is an event the mother  and you will cherish for a lifetime!