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Daniel Friedmann is the author of The Genesis One Code.” Daniel shares with his readers the connection between God’s creation and modern-day science in his book The Genesis One Code.

Daniel Friedmann is CEO of a large aerospace corporation. He is a professional engineer and holds a master’s degree in engineering physics. He has 30 years’ experience in the space industry, having worked on projects in fifteen countries while throughout the decades conducting extensive research. He has published more than 20 peer-reviewed scientific papers on space industry topics and cosmology. He is also a longtime student of religion.

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The Interview

Q –Why did you write this book?

Daniel Friedmann -For much of my life I have searched for an explanation of our origins in both science and religion texts. When I discovered that the two explanations could be reconciled into a one I decided to share the result in a book.

Q –How did you pick the points to compare?

Daniel Friedmann – The chronology of Genesis and science agree for almost everything so it was straight forward to compare everything. The points of comparison focused on the events described in Genesis.  Although science has a more detailed chronology Genesis contains the key highlights.

Q –It must have been complicated to know which elements of each discipline to draw on in putting the book together. How did you make those decisions?
Daniel Friedmann – In terms of selecting elements of each discipline to draw on in putting the book together it was pretty straight forward. On the science side there are three bodies of knowledge that contain what happened and when it happened from the beginning until now: the Big Bang theory, the solar system studies and the fossil record. In terms of the scripture side I searched for answers in the Genesis text, Talmud and best known commentaries. In terms of the unconventional part of the book, which is the time conversion, I was at first guided by the work of Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan and then just kept on following that trail until an answer emerged.


Q – What is the central nugget of your book that you wish more people knew?

Daniel Friedmann – Genesis clearly states that God made most of the universe and life using the powers of nature, and as such, we should not be surprised that we are able to understand most things through the scientific method. Further, the answers that science has recently found have been in our Scriptures for hundreds of years. Finally that we are told in Genesis exactly where events outside of nature occurred and therefore where the scientific method will fail – and that is where it has failed so far! For example, science has failed to explain the beginning of the Big Bang, or the nature and source for the human soul.

Q –  Tell us where “The Genesis One Code” is available.

Daniel Friedmann – The book is available at and many more retailers.