Feeding Your Mind, Body and Soul During Your Pregnancy

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You are now eating for 2, healthy diet, vitamins that give you the extra nourishment you need, a healthy mind and body gives you and your baby a healthy start.

Yoga – The benefits of yoga is not only great for your physical well-being, as well it is a great atmosphere that allows you to be in a supportive and motivational environment. Yoga helps with the physical demands of labor by helping mothers learn how to breathe deeply.

Pilates –  A custom Pilate workout plan can fit each stage of your pregnancy.  Pilates use your deepest core muscles. Your pelvic, hips and spine are few areas that build muscle strength. This helps your body recover faster post-pregnancy.

Super Foods – They say “you are what you eat!” Foods like apples, garlic, avocados and many other foods are superfoods for a healthy pregnancy. Most pregnant women need at least 300 extra calories per day.

Vitamins – Your baby needs your help! The importance of prenatal vitamins cannot be emphasized enough. Supplying steady nourishment for the growing fetus is critical.

Lamaze classes – Finally, being surrounded by other women who can share tips and positive experiences helps to keep your mind off worry. The classes are designed to educate and empower the soon to be mom. The Lamaze philosophy is that “birth is normal, natural, and healthy” and that women if they want have a right to give birth free from medical interventions.