Business of the Month: Interview with Lets Fly Academy

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The Interview

What is the name of your business?

My business is Lets Fly Academy, we are an aviation consultancy business and we provide information and resources for aspiring pilots. I’m Matthew C Martino the founder of the business and the author of pilots manual Lets Fly.

What is the primary objective of your business?

LetsFlyLets Fly Academy wants to educate, assist and equip aspiring pilots and give them a greater chance of starting a career in the skies or having flying as a hobby.

What service (s) or product (s) do you provide?

Lets Fly Academy provides information for a total stranger who knows nothing about flying and takes them through the initial steps to starting a career in the skies. We provide information on flight schools worldwide and we also offer discounts on pilot equipment and books through various retailers worldwide.

What advice will you give to struggling business owners.What’s new or what is coming up in your business?

My advice to struggling business owners is to take things slow but still keep pushing the business, for instance there is no point trying to open a new arm of your business when the business as a whole is operating at a loss, sometimes its worth changing the business

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model if the current business focus isn’t bringing in any revenue. Lets Fly Academy is looking to open a retail arm where we will offer pilot uniforms, equipment and books.

What advice will you give that you have learned along to the way?

My advice is there is no need to rush into things in business, its always worth the research, a lot of business owners like to see their business flourish within the first 6 months but this never happens and instead you end up with a negative balance sheet but this just needs patience and endurance. Another piece of advice I’ve learnt along the way is to always specialize in one area and you have more chance of success, most business try and offer every service within their field and this proves unsuccessful because its hard to specialize at everything.

How does your business benefit Women and their families?

Lets have has currently been getting a lot of attention from young and middle aged men who want to be pilots but we are now looking at growing the number of pilots and airlines and air forces worldwide have spoken about the prospects of having female aircrew in a very positive way and we want to help many women who feel they have the flight edge on their way. We believe that women to could get their wings.