Best Tools for the Nursing Parent

Successful breastfeeding often requires moms to use a variety of tools to make nursing their baby easier. Because simply holding their infants unsupported and without proper care of their own breasts could end a successful breastfeeding endeavor before it begins, new moms are encouraged to check out the most helpful breastfeeding resources and use those that can help both them and their infants be comfortable and relaxed during nursing sessions.

If moms are unsure of what resources are out there, they are encouraged to consider breastfeeding tools that have the most favor among nursing mothers.

Nipple Shields

A new mother who has never before nursed an infant may be surprised at how difficult it can be for her baby to latch onto her breasts properly. A baby who fails to latch properly becomes frustrated, cries excessively, and loses weight because he or she is not eating well. Likewise, the baby’s mother may become frustrated, depressed, and overwhelmed by her own perceived failure to feed her baby properly.

Rather than go through such frustration, a new mom can teach her baby how to latch properly by using nipple shields. These shields are designed to foster good latching, as well as provide relief from the pain that can come from nursing.

Breastfeeding Pillows

Nursing mothers often find themselves hunched over into uncomfortable positions if they nurse their babies without proper support. Rather than hold their babies and tire out their arms and backs, moms can prop their babies up on nursing pillows and experience relief from the muscle fatigue that often comes from holding a baby who is nursing.

Nursing pillows like Comfort & Harmony Mombo nursing pillow give essential support for mommy and her nursing baby. A nursing pillow can also help the baby be more comfortable during feeding, helping the infant nurse longer and better. Babies who are supported on nursing pillows have a better chance of gaining weight and reaping the many benefits of breastfeeding.

Breast Balm

Many new mothers experience painful cracking and bleeding on their nipples because of breastfeeding. After a baby nurses, the woman’s nipples may become cracked and damaged because of the baby’s saliva and the leftover milk residue on their breasts. After they wash their breasts and let them air dry thoroughly, new moms can prevent cracking and bleeding by using balm on their nipples. The balm will keep their breasts from becoming sore and painful as their babies nurse.

Nursing Bras

It can be a tremendous inconvenience for a mother to have to unfasten her bra in the back each or pull up her bra cup each time she nurses her baby. Instead of dealing with this hassle, moms can make nursing easier by investing in a few good nursing bras. These bras have cups that can be latched and unlatched each time the baby needs to eat. Nursing bras also allow for discreet removal of the cup without attracting attention to a woman who wants to nurse her infant in public.

Successful breastfeeding takes time, commitment, and investing in the right nursing tools. New mothers can have greater chances of success by using these tools as they learn to breastfeed their babies.

Nadine Swayne submits this article to benefit all nursing moms. Many items like the Comfort & Harmony Mombo nursing pillow can make breastfeeding a more comfortable experience, enabling your baby optimal feeding.

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