5 Lifesavers That Will Help You Feel Amazing During Your Pregnancy

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When you’re expecting, there are many things that you need to shop for to help you through the stages of being pregnant and to prepare you for your after pregnancy shape.

Your breasts and belly go through a bunch of changes during your pregnancy. Stimulated by estrogen and progesterone, your breasts will enlarge during your pregnancy. Your breasts and nipple will become tender.

The importance of a good nursing bra cannot be emphasized enough!

To provide you with comfort and support you will need to buy a new supportive bra that is at least one size up that can be used during your pregnancy and afterwards. A good nursing bra that is one size larger will support your new larger cup size and can be used for breastfeeding.

Nursing bra’s are not only comfortable during your late pregnancy but can also be used after birth when your breasts become engorged due to milk production. Women have been known to leak Colostrum their first milk as early as the third trimester. During your pregnancy it is recommended that you do not wear a bra with underwire. Breastfeeding has been known to help with weight reduction.

As you’re belly grows you may need to start wearing stretchable clothing to accommodate your rapidly expanding abdomen. Regular pants will start to hurt your stomach, loose elastic will provide soon to be mother’s comfort. You will loose some water after pregnancy and may be up to 10 pounds thinner. Your maternity clothing will help you through the transition of your pregnancy and after pregnancy weight. As well the clothing is not only comfortable but can be used during exercising.

For many women their feet grows during their pregnancy.  This is due to weight gain and swelling from the extra fluid in your body. Flat slip on shoes will provide you with relief and comfort during and after your pregnancy.

Full-scale milk production starts with 48 to 96 hours after delivering your baby. You may need to return to work sooner then expected, or you may need to schedule sleep while your baby is frequently awake. A breast pump will assist you with not only feeding your baby breast milk but relieving temporarily painful and engorged breasts.
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Finally, cocoa butter or vitamin E helps to reduce and lighten stretch marks that occur as your body stretches during pregnancy.