Review Policy



Information about book reviews and product reviews. We are looking for content that targets women. Talks about parenting, has woman as the main character in a fiction book or talks about information that would interest women. We accept guest posts and author interviews.


1. Please register first then fill out the review request form and article submission form. Registration is free!

2. Products will not be returned. Please do not send your eBook via email, register first then fill out the review request form.  

For a Book Review I will need

A copy of the book
A cover pic.
An author bio and picture for inclusion.

The Genres I do not accept are

  • children’s books
  • non-fiction history books

I review non-fiction and fiction books that relate to Women.


The review will be on the homepage, filed by category so that it’s easier for readers to find the type of books they want to check out each month. The review will be posted at any of the following sites Amazon, Facebook, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Goodreads. Reviews can take up to 4 months to be posted.

Guest Posts And Article Submission Requirements

Original work from the author and unique for Women Connect Online.
Please include 2 links and a short Author Bio.
One link will have “No Follow” added to it.
All articles must be approved before they are published.
We do not publish graphics that do not have copyright information.
All articles take up to 2 months to be published. Please indicate if you have a preferred publishing date.