Wine Clubs as Mother’s Day Gifts?

By Tricia Meyer

When you are a kid, it doesn’t matter what you get or make your mom for Mother’s Day because “it’s the thought that counts.” As you get older, you start figuring out what your mom really likes and doesn’t like and try to put a little more thought and money behind the gifts. But what do you do when your mom has everything she wants? You start looking for more unique gift ideas. That’s where wine clubs come in.

Why Give a Wine Club Gift?

Wine clubs truly are “the gift that keeps on giving.” When you select a wine club for your mother you are giving her a gift not only for that month but for the duration of the club. Whether it’s 2 months or 12, you can give her something special to look forward to each month. In addition, if your mom is either a wine drinker herself or just likes to use wine when entertaining, giving her a wine club as a gift will help her learn about new wines and wineries.

How Do You Choose a Club?

There are so many wine clubs to choose from that it can be difficult to figure out which one to buy. First figure out whether you want a red, white, or mixed wine club. This will depend upon which your mom prefers. Next determine how much money you want to spend. You can get good clubs starting around $20 a month. The best clubs include shipping and handling in the price and allow you to choose how many months. Lastly, read as many wine club reviews as you can online about the clubs. You’ll find great resources online about what you get from each club and how they compare.

When I mentioned to a friend that I was writing this post, she asked me if I was going to write it from the perspective of ordering a wine club for my own mom (she is already in one!) or wanting my family to order one for me. I guess it’s a little bit of both. Wine clubs make a great Mother’s Day gift for moms of any age and stage of life.

Tricia Meyer is a mom of 2 who blogs about pop culture and does wine club reviews. It’s a tough job sampling wine clubs, but someone has to do it!

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  • Sandy Nachlinger

    I love this Mother’s Day idea! My husband and I are already wine club members in the Pacific Northwest (Chateau Ste Michelle and Columbia) and I recommend it. It’s been fun. So, rather than a wine club membership for me, a gift certificate for a massage would be nice. Hint, hint.

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