Why Would iPhone 5 Attract Women

by pravgarg

Have you ever found yourself gazing at a Smartphone which someone else is using? After you see a brand new Smartphone in a showroom or a mobile store online, what is the first thought that strikes in your mind. Isn’t the word “WOW”! For how long have you been wondering about the newly launched model of the iPhone after seeing its specifications? Do not worry. You are still normal as there are so many women out there who think exactly like you. You might have noticed whenever women find a newly launched phone or some stylish accessory of it; they try as hard as they can to get it as quickly as possible.

With women empowerment and monetary independence experienced by the new generation women, buying a Smartphone is no big deal for any women. The launch of the new model of iPhone, iPhone 5 has given a great reason to the young women to change their old handsets and gift themselves with a brand new, trendy and fashionable iPhone 5.

Have you ever noticed the sleek and slim design of the iPhone in the images? What was your reaction? Didn’t you experience love at first sight with this incredible new Gadget? Can you even think of the reaction if you get this lovely device in your hands? Your eyes will bulge out while looking at the smartly designed iPhone.

Here is a list of reasons why iPhone 5 can be the real love of every woman:

  • IPhone 5 is sleek, slim and very light in weight when compared with its competitors. It is perfectly suitable for a woman’s slim hand. In fact with its slim and sleek look, many people have regarded iPhone 5 as the first phone from Apple designed especially for women.
  • Clicking picture is the favorite hobby of many women which they prefer doing on a special occasion or simply in free time, and iPhone 5 has something very special to offer in this field. The better and enhanced 8Mp iSight Camera along with sapphire crystal lens allows you to click high quality pictures. The additional Panorama allows clicking a combination of

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    several pictures combined together as one image.

  • Women get disturbed by anonymous and blank calls at night. IPhone 5 has a Do Not Disturb feature which filters out the emergency contacts who can call you at night even when the silent mode is on.
  • Women don’t like actually visiting the places to purchase flight tickets, auditorium tickets, gift card coupons, the Passbook feature of the iPhone 5 will help you do all this without visiting the place.
  • The iOS 6 of iPhone 5 allows you to share your images, videos with friends without any app.

So, the iPhone 5 has all what every woman looks for in their Smartphone. Don’t just read the features and crave for this marvelous device. Go ahead and buy the iPhone 5 and enjoy its sheer benefits. This phone not only renders 100% usability but also adds style to your personality. So, there is simply nothing to think twice. You can just go for this amazing phone and enjoy its latest features. Also, if you are among those who use their gadgets a bit carelessly then it is always a great idea to get your new gadget insured from a reputed brand so that you can use your gadget without any worries. To be honest, every IPhone 5 owner should look for IPhone 5 insurance quotes and get their phone insured so as to cover the risk involved. IPhone 5 is not just a phone but it is much more than that and having such a phone in hands will surely be a pride feel for every women.

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