Why Weight Loss Retreats are Better Then Gyms


So you made the great leap and joined your local gym so that you can maintain your shape or shed those unwanted winter pounds.

At first your friends supported you and even attended the gym to join your workout. Soon life’s obstacles started to happen. You found yourself eating free food at work, going on winter vacations and coming back larger then you were before you went. Your friends stopped going and there was no emotional support at the gym; just a line up for machines. The weight loss clinic you joined was not personalized enough and was to far from your gym. Feeling frustrated you even ventured the thought of plastic surgery but your friends all have gained their weight back. You found yourself on this never-ending cycle of battling weight.

Weight loss retreats have now become the rage in North America. Researchers have found that individuals who have social support during there weight loss battle not only lose the weight but keep it off. I am happy to partner with PhuketFit in Thailand, a retreat that has a program for weight loss that has proven notable success helping women lose weight.

The location of Thailand has made this retreat very appealing to empty nesters and vacationers who are looking to escape their cold winter climate. This weight loss retreat offers fitness programs combined with personalize weight loss programs. As well they offer yoga, massages and detox programs.

The resort is set-up like a luxury hotel vacation stay. You are surrounded with other individuals who want total body wellness and your classes target guests’ emotional well being as much as their physical health.

Finding a resort that specializes in women’s needs is imperative. Washington Post mentions that indeed there is really are differences between the way men and women diet, lose weight and respond to exercise.

Are the programs worth the price tag? Many say that the combined vacation mixed in with the health and wellness benefits are worth the cost. If you’re going in to kickstart your health the benefits of a retreat out way the cost.

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