What is Internet Crime and How Do I Protect Myself?

Over 431 million adults living in 24 countries have been cyber crime victims. The internet has provided us with more access to products, services, trade and knowledge. The internet unfortunately is also being used for copy right infringement, sales schemes, Non-delivery of payment of merchandise, identity theft and child sexual solicitation.

Cyber, crimes are a new complex area of law. Luckily the internet search engines provide permanent record of such activity.  This record can be used during prosecution. Spyware can be the cause of identity theft. Buying virus protection has been more important then ever. Be careful who you provide your personal information to is key. Do not answer emails asking for money, identifying themselves as PayPal or Law Enforcement. Using PayPal instead of your credit card can be a safer option. Law firms that assist with Internet Crimes is now considered a specialized field. Each Country has different laws that govern use of the internet. Law Firms may cover only specific states or countries.

Have you been accused of a crime you did not commit? Internet Crime Attorney Scott Rubenstein states that often other attorneys overlook in cyber crimes cases are the details, like viruses, spyware and downloading software — all the different circumstances that may explain the evidence.

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