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In today’s modern technological world we are constantly introduced to new gadgets and games for adults and kids alike. As amazing and innovative all these new inventions are, there’s nothing quite like a traditional board game. As adults now, we grew up playing board games and some of our favorites are still on the market and are our kid’s favorites now too. Board Games are used in education in US childcare, the UK, and childcare Ireland. There are some timeless classics out there and some cool new games on the market too. Here’s a look at some of the best that your kids are guaranteed to love.



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Scrabble is without doubt one of everybody’s favorite board games. The word game works with two to four players who place tiles that display a single letter onto a game board in the hope of forming words in a crossword fashion. We all remember the feeling of sprawling out on the sitting room floor with the whole family to have a leisurely game of scrabble on a cold winters evening. As much as everything over the years, the essence and feeling of this game will always remain the same. What’s best is its educational for the whole family too and can improve and expand everybody’s vocabulary. It’s suitable for kids aged 8+.


Here’s another one of our favorites. Was it Colonel Mustard with the dagger in the library? Perfect for those of an inquisitive nature, this detective game will bring out the spy in everyone. The object of the board game is for players to strategically move around the board collecting clues in order to figure out which one of the suspects murdered the game’s victim. This game is suitable for children over the age of nine and is perfect of an afternoon of family fun.

Chutes and Ladders

This modern take on snakes and ladders is the perfect games for preschoolers as it teaches them to learn about taking turns, counting spaces, accepting rewards and facing consequences. Players spin a wheel and move their piece along the board. If you land at the base of the ladder on the board your aim is to climb up but if you get stuck at the top of a chute, you’ll slide right back down again. It’s a simple game for preschool children and a great introduction to board games.



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Monopoly, another classic! The game originated in America, and now is popular worldwide with individual versions for cities across the globe. The game’s concept revolves around players moving around the board buying and trading properties, developing properties with houses and hotels and collecting rent from the competition in the hope to drive them to bankruptcy, last person left wins!

There you go, the best board games from your childhood, and what will be the best childhood memories for your little one too. As winter creeps upon us we will be spending less time indoors, so some family bonding with a good board game is the way to go. Enjoy!

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  1. Great classic games, still my favorite is Monopoly! thanks for the review!

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