Today’s Multi-Mom: 4 Ways To Keep It Together!

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Today’s Multi-Mom: 4 Ways To Keep It Together!

Have you ever had to choose between taking a shower, packing the kid’s lunches or putting the finishing touches on that last minute school project? If you’re nodding your head or rolling your eyes in agreement, then you’re in the ranks of the Multi-Mom. Juggling it all can prove to be difficult to even the most talented of multi-task tacklers, but today’s moms take the edge when it comes to doing it all. So how do you keep it together when it feels like too much? Luckily, smart moms know the tips and tricks, and they don’t even require a magic wand.

1) Schedule, Schedule, Schedule!

First and foremost, get your family’s life down on a shared schedule. Not only will this help everyone to know what’s going on with every member of the family, it will keep you slightly more sane when planning your day. It can also help to keep you to your family budget by not straying too far of schedule. Add school activities and work schedules, but also ensure you schedule in family fun. By treating family outings and activities as an immoveable part of your routine, you’ll ensure that even your busiest weeks will still allow for quality time together.

Hang a paper version of your schedule in the kitchen, or somewhere where the entire family will be able to view it. This is especially helpful for younger children, who can be encouraged to mark off both completed activities and days.

Both you and your busy teenager can migrate a family schedule onto mobile phones or tablets. Look for family scheduling apps, such as Cozi, which allow the entire clan to contribute to a family calendar, updating all members with new activities.

2) Keep Them Occupied

Is there anything worse, or more requiring of attention, than a bored child? If you’re hearing the cry of “I’m boooooooooored, Mom” more often than you’d like, it’s time to look into some toys and games to keep them occupied. Babies can greatly benefit from the use of educational play yards and baby gyms, giving you that much needed catch up time while they play. There are many styles to choose from and you can search online, on sites such as, to find the play yard that’s right for your child.

Tablets and computers come into play for older children, and there are some terrific educational games and puzzles that suit nearly every grade level. Keeping your children’s mind occupied doesn’t always mean spending a boat load of money at the mall. Your child’s school is often a great resource for ideas on good downloads to go along with lessons. Another way to entertain the kids, is to encourage a hobby they can get involved with outside of school, such as sports or art.

3) Make Some Time Together

Although your lives may seem like an endless rush of activity, it’s important to find the time to spend together as a family. Schedule in a weekly family fun time, such as planting a garden, volunteering for a local cause, or even something as simple as a game night. Encourage every family member to contribute their ideas for family fun, scheduling them in so everyone has something to look forward to.

Switching off once a week is also important, not only for you, but for your entire family. Aim to have one night a week where you shut off your cell phones, tablets, computers and the television. This time can be used to have a family meeting, plan future activities or even do homework together.

4) Remember You’re Only Human

Even the world’s greatest Supermom can occasionally forget something, despite her best efforts to keep a schedule and relentlessly keep on top of everything. While dropping the ball might make you feel a bit sheepish, being tough on yourself won’t improve the situation. Look for ways that you and other mom’s can help each other, such as a rotating carpool or play dates. Chances are they’re feeling just as frazzled as you are.

While it may seem like an unnecessary indulgence, taking time for yourself can also help to recharge your batteries and get you ready to tackle your never-ending “to do” list. Try snatching a hot bath after the kids go to bed, or lose yourself in a great book for an hour.

Though today’s fast-paced world can place a huge amount of pressure on even the best Multi-Moms, using a few carefully planted tips, tricks and budgeting skills can really boost your ability to keep everything together. From vigilant scheduling to carefully planned activities, you can be a Supermom and still keep your sanity.

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Inspired by the magnificence of multi-moms, Nadine Swayne offers this information and cheers them on! Extreme time management is an essential for today’s families and with the help of great tips, products and idea sharing, this masterful juggling act can remain intact.

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