Eight Tips on Traveling Solo

Of course, single travel has its minuses and its pluses. But a little preparation and common sense can make traveling solo the most rewarding experience of your life.

Why Travel Alone?

Sometimes planning a trip that meets the needs and wants of your companion can be almost impossible. Solo travel can be the ultimate reward and worthwhile lifetime experience that you can give yourself. There’s no worries about ruining your partner’s day because you missed an event during the trip nor do you need to ask your partner’s travelnews.001permission to participate in various activities. You are able to carefully plan your departure sometimes at a moments notice, you can save big as a solo traveller. You can book at a discounted price sometimes waiving single supplements.

What Are My Concerns?

As a solo traveler you can become a target to criminals and scam artists. Taxi drivers, tour operators, store owners sometimes pray on a single traveler because there is no one to watch their back.

As a solo traveler always plan every step of your vacation ahead of time. I mean medical insurance or holiday insurance. Seeing your doctor before you travel as well for necessary immunizations.

If possible stay near the airport. Know how far the nearest airport is and how much it will cost if you need a taxi. If you are driving know in advance where your airport parking is and how much it will cost.

Make sure that your hotel that you have booked is open late.

Carry your identification in different places. One on your person, one piece hidden in your luggage and so forth.

Let someone know at home where you are going and leave contact numbers. Contact the embassy in the country you are going too and let them know you are traveling to that country.

Don’t draw attention to yourself by wearing flashy clothes or jewelry. Do not carry a lot of money on your person. When possible use the hotel safe.

Book group tours when possible and do not wander off from the crowd with vendors or store owners.

Recently I traveled to various regions of the United Kingdom. London England and Galsgow Scotland were part of my trip. It was the experience of my life! Visiting the English Gardens and the historic houses was the highlight of my trip. I found that traveling single does not have to be expensive at all. In fact if you plan ahead it can be very inexpensive. When preparing to travel to the United Kingdom I found a site that had travel planning information and purchasing discounts. Click for holiday extras coupons and promotion . Important information such as hotels near airports, airport parking information, travel insurance pricing and more. It is definitely important to do your internet research before you book your trip. Having everything planned and in place before I arrived definitely provided me with piece of mind.

Finally as a female traveler complete a risk assessment of any country you’re thinking of visiting before you leave.  Look at the laws that surround women, cultural norms, health conditions, the political and economic environment – including the role of women – in your potential host country.

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