Nobody ever said marriage was easy. In fact, at times it can be the exact opposite, and not for lack of love.

It is because marriage involves bringing two individuals together to form a unit, and this new unit is then intended to last forever.

But despite the hard times, and yes, there will be hard times, the mutual love that exists between you and your healthspouse will act as the fuel that keeps you going.

So how can you keep your marriage strong and healthy even years after you say ‘I do’?

Stay fit and healthy as a couple

Most people become extremely comfortable in their relationships and weight gain inevitably comes with it. So to promote health and mutual sexual attraction, create a healthy diet and exercise regime that you can follow together.

Buy fresh ingredients and make a nutritious dinner, followed by an evening walk or gym date to work off some of what you consumed.

Don’t neglect sex

Being intimate with your partner is a crucial part of a healthy marriage and should be treated as such.

While it’s normal for sex to decrease after the initial years of a relationship (again, especially after kids are added to the equation), sex is a bonding experience that brings couples closer together while reducing stress.

Do yourself a favor and make time for it.

Have your own life

Couples can tend to sink so deep into their marriages/relationships, that they lose their individuality.

Don’t let this happen. It’s healthy to have lives separate from one another and it in no way means that you don’t love your spouse.

A successful relationship is all about balance, so divide your time up between couple time, personal time and social time.

Keep the compliments coming

Over the years, the habit of complimenting one another can dwindle and instead you will both exchange a chorus of ‘you know I love you’ or ‘you know I think you look good’.

Make a conscious effort and let you spouse know how you feel on a daily basis. Reaffirmation from your partner still feels wonderful, even after years of marriage and will even help to boost their self-esteem.

Be open with your finances

Financial issues are one of the biggest marriage/relationship destroyers, so be open and honest with your spouse and work as a team when it comes to money managing.

Learn to compromise

Another difficult aspect of marriage is, having to yield to another person even when you don’t want to. You are no longer on your own and you will have to learn to compromise on everything from ‘where should we buy a house’ to ‘what movie should we see’. This is especially true when and if children come into the picture.

Come together and rationally discuss the matters in which you don’t see eye to eye, and remember, you can’t win them all.

Don’t forget date night

Get out of your house and experience one another like you used to. Plan creative date nights and remember to enjoy each other’s company.

You can even make an affair out of it. Get dressed up, do your flawless makeup moves and pretend that you are going out on a first date. This will bring on a new wave of excitement and anticipation that you can relish in together.

Don’t let your marriage fall into a rut. Be flexible and spontaneous and allow yourself to truly enjoy your spouse and all of the things that you love about them.

Through thick and thin, till death do us part, they will be there with you, so work hard through the difficult times and look forward to the many years of good times that you have ahead of you.

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