Things to Consider When Your Baby is a Boy


A sigh of relief! Your newborn baby is born and it’s a boy? As women we are put in a predicament where we need to determine what our precious male newborn needs today and as he is growing .

Clothing – One thing is for certain boys are usually rougher on clothes. They live up to their stereotype they play sports, rough play and are injury-prone. Newborn boys often wear blue, yellow, brown and green clothes and pyjamas. As boys grow they need clothes that are durable and warm for outdoor



Diapers – Boys diapers are made differently and cleaning baby boys when wet is done differently then a girl. Boys need to be lifted up and have their area beneath their scrotum cleaned. Diapers can be very expensive their are ways to save money on baby diapers and wipes.

Circumcision – As an infant the decision will be made to circumcise your son’s genitals or not. Boys who are circumcised tend to be less likely to develop cancer, HIV and less likely to get urinary tract infection.

Potty Training – Boys pee differently then girls.When  Potty training toddler boys you need to teach them how to pee first by sitting them down on the toilet.

Rough Play – Boys are more physically fearless then girls. Emergency room stats confirm boys overestimate their abilities and are more prone to accidents.

They say that boys are easier; there demand for shopping and clothing is less. They love animals; outdoors and they love to build. As a mother with boys, you’ll likely learn about things you had absolutely no previous interest in.




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