The Top 10 List of Women Entrepreneurs and Their Success Stories

These women took the time to invest their time in their own ideas and with that came success.

1.  Anita Roddick
became her own conglomerate in 1976 by building her very own beauty
business. The Body Shop was the first beauty business that involved
itself in the fair trade, creating products that used cruelty free
testing. Starting out in Brighton England with one store, The Body Shop
eventually reached 2,000 shops with well over 80 million customers. She
has reached a demographic like no other, making her customer base
diverse and highly universal.

2.  In 1998 a woman by the name of Sara Blakely
decided that it was high time to create a garment that would forever
hide panty lines. She used her savings to create her Atlanta-based
company which in turn gave her a huge return on her investment. Her now
150 million dollar business is re-shaping women’s lives forever.

3.  Coco Chanel
graced the scene in the early 1900’s and has continued to grace the
department stores with her high end fashion clothing. She started as a
hat designer which which eventually gave her the clout needed to become
one of the biggest fashionista’s in the world.

4.  Estee’ Launder,
a Hungarian immigrant took the world by store with her innovative
cosmetics and sales ability.  Starting with her Uncle’s skin care
products, Estee’ Lauder scored her own little space at Saks in 1948 and
renamed the cosmetics Estee’ Lauder. Not only did she expand her
cosmetic business but she died a billionaire.

5.  In 1977 in Palo Alto California, Debbie Fields
decided to test her backing skills by giving away her cookies for
absolutely free. That was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
Debbie Fields was an innovator and a business mogul. Mr’s Fields became a
franchise over time as well as a home made fortune.

6.  Mary Kay Ash
is a household name for most women and continue to be even after she
has long passed.  Taking $5,000 of her own money, she created her own
beauty selling business, giving women the capabilities to sell and earn
an unlimited amount of money. This business idea because a 2.2 billion
dollar idea.

7.  Ruth Handler
is a classic to all and continues to be a mogul as time goes one. The
mid- 1940’s was when Ruth birthed the idea of creating a toy doll. And
in 1956 Barbie was born.  Even though Mattel went through legal issues
in the 70’s, Ruth still continued with her innovations by creating the
first realistic breast for breast cancer survivors.

8.  Mary Katherine Goddard
was a female who didn’t believe in falling behind when it came to the
hard living in New England.  She took her talents and became a
postmaster.  1977 was the year that marked her career.  She bravely
published the Declaration of Independence, making it seemingly
impossible for the drafters to back out. She changed history forever
making her one of the biggest rebels in the world.

9.  Martha Stewart
is well known for Martha Stewart Living and continues to sell her
products in numerous market places.  She is an entrepreneur that most
people give praise to. Turning her skills into a million dollar empire,
Martha Stewart is still the head of the Martha Stewart Empire.

10.  With all of the hype around successful women, Oprah Winfrey
takes the cake. 1972 was the start of her career, as she was crowned
Miss Black Tennessee.  Obtaining a scholarship to Tennessee, Oprah began
broadcasting, and eventually gained an anchor position at a local
television station.  1976 was when The Oprah Winfrey Show was born and
1986 Harpo Productions was created, making her one of the biggest
self-made millionaire women on earth.

Author:  Marcela De Vivo is an entrepreneur and online marketer helping businesses improve their online presence. She works with Oltarsh & Associates helping people attain their legal status in the United States.  In her
spare time she loves to read and study social media marketing.

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