Divorce is not an easy thing for anyone to go through no matter what the circumstances.  So many emotions and even more memories are caught up in this event that it takes quite a bit of time to get back into the normal swing of things. Although it isn’t the wisest thing to do, meeting someone new and falling in love all over again is probably the easiest way to get over the dissolution of a marriage.

In order to do this, however, you have to get yourself up and out of the house. While it is possible to meet someone at work, this is not the case with everyone. What if you work at a place where there are only five employees and two of them are married to each other, the other two are 30 years younger than you are, and you are the fifth person in the scenario? Obviously, you are out of luck and IMG_0310you need to expand your horizon if you are ever going to be happily together with someone as a couple.

Problems can sabotage the possibility of a new romantic interest for those individuals who can meet someone at work. For example, if you’ve already aired your dirty laundry at work, you don’t want to create a new load there. Plus, it can be quite difficult to maintain a relationship when everyone is constantly asking each of you how it is going. Therefore, a person in this type of situation might want to decide to look elsewhere for a new love fling.

Getting caught on the rebound is probably worse for the individual that you fall for than it is for you, unless of course you have warned him or her that you are still in the throes of emotional break down from a recent divorce. Either way, the possibility exists that this relationship is headed for disaster since all of your emotional issues revolving around the divorce are not yet resolved.

The best step is to take it slowly, one day at a time. If the new person in your life sparks an interest in you, the feelings of anger and depression swirling around you because of the divorce will dissipate. They won’t go away entirely, nor will they disappear forever. However, they will become more manageable over time until their reappearance is simply a passing thought that doesn’t have any impact on your life whatsoever.

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