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Supplements for a Stressed Planet

by Cammi Balleck PH.D

Because of today’s global economy and mass production of food, the choice of food available today is not the best. We have an abundant source of food; however, the quality is not what it used to be for our grandparents. Across the planet, there is an alarming concern that the soil used to grow crops in is depleted of its nutrients, this results in a loss of nutrients for our bodies. People are experiencing the effects of malnourishment, even though their caloric intake is greater than in the days of our grandparents. The biggest reason we feel stressed is our diet. If you feel stressed you are already suffering from too much cortisol and not enough nutrition. A person under stress is extremely vulnerable to nutritional deficiency.

MINERALS: You need to be taking a whole food mineral supplement. If you feel stressed you are already depleted. Research conducted by the US Department of Agriculture shows that despite what appeared to be an adequate dietary intake, minerals in our food have decreased by 33% in the past 20 years. A depletion of minerals decreases our immune system, but more important we need minerals to cope with stress. For this reason, you can’t eat enough food to get the minerals you need, therefore you must supplement with a whole food mineral. What is the difference between a whole food and other supplements? Basically, it is the difference between something that is living and something that is dead! That is a very big difference. On vitamin labels the word “natural” has no specific definition other than that the substance exists somewhere on the planet. Whole food means they are found in food sources, unaltered in any way that would change their molecular structure, their biological or biochemical combination, or their actions. Vitamins in their natural state exist as living complexes. I recommend a multi mineral supplement with magnesium, calcium, niacin, and iodine in it.

VITAMINS : Not all vitamins are created equal. Four vitamins are known to greatly be affected by your daily stress, therefore, you need to be supplementing a whole food vitamin, not synthetic vitamins, and look for the antioxidants A, C , E and B complex. Synthetic vitamins come from a non-food, non- living source, in fact from chemicals. Basically a chemist reconstructs the exact structure of the crystalline molecule by chemically combining molecules from other sources. For example, Vitamin B1 is made from a coal tar derivative and ascorbic acid-vitamin C is made by reacting sugar with sulfuric acid. The body encounters many environmental stressors in the course of a day, including free radicals. Free radicals come from air pollution but they are also produced in the body under normal metabolic functioning. Left uncontrolled, free radicals and stress will destroy various constituents of cells, you need these 4 vitamins to remove free radicals. Under bouts of chronic emotional stress, these vitamins are depleted or in many cases not even dissolved. It has been noted that these free radicals, either from environment or cellular made are associated with the development of several diseases including cancer cells.

AVOID GMO’S: Genetically modified organisms, where science doesn’t meet nature. Over 65 % of food in the grocery stores are genetically modified or contain altered ingredients. Because these foods are not real, your body doesn’t even know what to do with them or how to break them up. Your body is a living system and is very complex and very specific in its need for building and repairing itself. Your body is always breaking down cells, organs, and tissues. Then rebuilding and repairing them. In order for this process to continue, the body needs a continual supply of high-quality building material. We really are what we eat. If you put non quality foods in, you will get a non quality body that dysfunctions. GMO’s are a bio- ecological stressor to the body and you should avoid them. Why add stress to the inside of your body when the outside is already stressed?

I believe you will feel and notice a difference when you give your body what it is craving. Think of it this way: You body is a bucket of water and you want to always keep your bucket full. If you are living and functioning daily and or stressed, you have a tiny leak in the bottom of the bucket. In order to keep your bucket full you need to add quality (not fake) water to the top to make up for the leak. Add these vitamins and minerals and you will feel a difference and everyone else will notice the difference too.

Cammi Balleck PH.D is the author of  Making Happy Happen. MAKING HAPPY HAPPEN is a step by step guide to quickly bring your body’s hormones into balance. If you find yourself exhausted, overwhelmed up and down and about to meltdown, its time to stop being stressed and depressed and learn how to unleash your happy hormones.

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