Seven Top ‘Me’ Time Suggestions For Women After Their Pregnancy

We spend 9 months preparing for that unforgettable event of having our first baby. We research and buy the best in food, clothes, toys and equipment for that new and cherished newborn.

But what about you? There’s a tremendous amount of stress and pressure put on women: being parents, working, being wives and taking care of other loved ones. Giving your baby quality time means giving yourself rest and quality time as well so that you give your all to your baby. Listed below are 7 top must do’s when planning ‘me’ time after your pregnancy.

Start with creating a large to do list. Don’t forget about yourself. One list for you and one list for your baby.

The body changes after giving birth. Weight gain, swollen feet, back pain and hair loss are common. Eating healthy foods and starting an exercise program is essential for getting back in shape and back down to your ideal weight.

So when should we start exercising after pregnancy? Many women implement exercise into their daily routine with their new baby. Swimming, yoga, and tai chi are gentle exercises that take only a few hours a day and can be implemented with or without your baby present.

Planning a healthy diet that will provide you with enough energy to meet the needs of 2 will be imperative. You may be breastfeeding or find yourself with very little sleep.You are looking for a diet that brings you close to your pre-pregnancy weight.

Take a class. Thats right! Again this will take a few hours of your time. Pick something that you always wanted to learn. A language, cooking, parenting classes, swimming lessons are popular choices.

Spend time with a friend. Get together with a friend and have lunch, go shopping or provide yourself with a much deserved spa treatment.

Spend time by yourself reading a book. Spend at least one uninterrupted hour a day curling up and reading your favorite book.

Spend more time as a couple. Your bedroom maybe shared with your newborn baby for quite some time. Having time together as a couple gives you and your spouse time to reconnect.


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