Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

For many the winter season, family Christmas holiday trips are fast approaching. Families visits loved ones during the holiday season, go shopping for gifts and take car trips to visit relatives.

Christmas is one of the busiest long distance travel periods for North Americans. To be prepared for this event some safety precautions are:

Make sure that your insurance adequately covers collision or other damage to your car. That it is affordable and will not drain your planned budget for your trip.  Insurance for your car should have affordable options.

In case your car ends up on the side of the road. Pack your truck with a first aid kit, blanket for warmth and candles for emergencies. Your first aid kit should have bandages, ointment and tweezers.

Buy a car jack, have adequate window washer fluid, antifreeze fluid  and have a spare tire in your truck.

Map out your destination and plan in advance for locations  that have gas stations and places to have your car fixed. Your car insurance company can also help you with this.

No matter what the weather, planning is a essential part of all long distance travel.

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