NWC Rules

Niagara Team Players Rules

Active Membership

Every 6 months I remove inactive members to make room for new active members. If you have been removed you can always rejoin as long as you know you can participate and attend an event. Frequent “No Shows”  (2) are considered inactive members. 

Please give 24 hours notice when you can no longer attend an event. You can cancel 3 (CDO) times the day of an event in a given year. After that you are removed from the group without notice.


Golfer and Bowlers-Niagara Team Players 

If you register as a golfer only, you must attend 1 event a year. If you are a bowler only you must attend 1 event a year.

Most activities (events)  will require an event donation to attend certain activities. This helps to cover the charges to keep the website up and running. As well as advertising our group on Meetup and other online advertising of the group.  As well as cover the cost of maintaining the group. No refund.

What to Bring…
Golf Clubs
Event Fee that will be collected at the beginning of each event.
Feel free to tell us about your business during a activity event. If asked by a member, please feel free to give out your business card during the activity events only not the restaurant events.
Guests, some events will allow guests. These guests can be male or female. Sometimes we have a family day.
Events that allow guests will be added to the event description.

We are always looking for event hosts to host activities. The requirements are that you need to be reliable and attend your own event. Message me if you are interested.

Many times there is an rsvp deadline we need the minimum amount of people signed up before the deadline for the event to happen.

Our Facebook Group Niagara Team Players


Looking for Event Hosts

Friday and Sat nights

Reliable and will attend your own event
Willing to be fully in charge of the meet up

Message me if interested.