Niagara Women Connect Rules

This is a small group for women who enjoy socializing. We have ladies only get togethers, like lunches, dinners, night outs and movies.

Our global website is­ Take a second to register there is you wish.


there is a one time membership fee of 5 dollars that covers the cost of maintaining the group that must be paid within three months of joining. Payment can be made in person or by Interac or Paypal.
No refund. This fee helps with the costs associated with maintaining the group. The organizer owes dues to meet every 6 months.

I understand everyone has a life and things come up. Some members schedule days off to attend events and plan babysitting, we want to prevent no shows and last minute cancellations that may cause the event to be cancelled without much notice to members.


(Those who score 2 “No Shows” will be removed from the group without notice. (No show is when you do not show up to an event.) This rule applies to all members. (NS) After all girlfriends do not stand up girlfriends!

Starting August 2017, Members who cancel 4 times in a row on the day of the event will be removed from the group without notice. (CDO). Your (CDO) status will be removed from your profile Jan 2018. When you cancel the day of the event you are given a (CDO) designation. Please give 24 hours notice when cancelling an event.

If you are unsure whether you can make and keep commitments, please do not RSVP to attend our events until you are ready to do so. RSVPing the day of the event is fine. smile

Active Member: In order to remain an active member, every member is required to attend at least 1 meet-up each year. One meet-up for 2018, one for 2019.