Niagara Women Connect Rules

This is a small group for women who enjoy socializing. We have ladies only get togethers, like lunches, dinners, night outs and movies.


There are 3 basic rules.

I understand everyone has a life and things come up. Some members schedule days off to attend events and plan babysitting, we want to prevent no shows and last minute cancellations that may cause the event to be cancelled without much notice to members.


(Those who score 2 “No Shows” will be removed from the group without notice. (No show is when you do not show up to an event.) This rule applies to all members. (NS) After all girlfriends do not stand up girlfriends!

Members who cancel 3 times in a row on the day of the event in a given year will be removed from the group without notice. (CDO). Please give 24 hours notice and change your status to “no”.

There is a one time membership fee of 5 dollars that covers the cost of maintaining the group on that must be paid within 1 month of joining. No refund. You can pay by paypal , interac or in person.

Active Membership

If you joined the group between Jan 2017 to June 2018. In order to remain an active member, every member is required to attend at least 1 meet-up each year. One meet-up for 2018, one for 2019.

Starting June 2018. If you joined our group June 2018 on you have to attend 1 event every 6 months to stay a member. Some events will have an event donation fee required that must be paid when you first arrive at an event. Removing non-active members makes room for new members. We review member attendance every 6 months and remove anyone who has not attended an event within that time frame. You are always welcome to rejoin our group if you feel you can start to attend again.

If you are unsure whether you can make and keep commitments, please do not RSVP to attend our events until you are ready to do so. RSVPing the day of the event is fine.  Many times there is an rsvp deadline we need the minimum amount of people signed up before the deadline for the event to happen. We are happy to have last minute add ons as long as we have the minimum amount of people to make the event happen. So as long as the event is happening, message me the day of if you want to join us.


This is not a business networking group please do not solicit members. All Niagara Women Connect Meetup members who joined the group  “from Jan 2017 to June 2018” can join our other meetup groups no charge. All event donations are waived.

Looking for Event Hosts

Friday and Sat nights
Bar Night
Members looking for travel partners can post their travel plans as an event

Members who know the walking trails in the area.

Reliable and will attend your own event
Willing to be fully in charge of the meet up

If you are looking for travel partners let me know. I will post your travel plans as an event. Your travel plans can be posted, as an information session were you can meet with others for coffee etc. who are interested in attending your holiday with you. You can then provide them with further details about the vacation and see if your interests aline.


Restaurant Info
Niagara Health —https://www.niagarare…­