New Years Resolution: Chair Yoga, Enjoy the Benefits of Yoga, Anywhere


By Howie Shareff

Did you know that you don’t have to own a body that can contort or noodle to practice yoga? Chair yoga provides you with many of the same benefits as a mat based practice. What is chair yoga? An easy, fun and healthy process which begins with creation of proper support and alignment for your body. From there, you can develop breathing, poses and movement or stillness with meditation.

You Call This Yoga, a 501c3 educational nonprofit, provides free online videos of chair yoga via the web site or its YouTube channel of the same name. Also available are DVDs, the breakthrough chair yoga book, Sit Stretch Smile and helpful articles.
Yoga is a life science that improves physical, mental, and emotional health. The practice also prevents and lessens the severity of various health conditions. Yoga is more than poses and movement. There are eight different limbs on a “Tree of Yoga”. The practice includes breathing, thinking without judging, focus and compassion.

Physical benefits include improved flexibility, balance, breathing, strength and posture. In addition, the body has internal physical benefits of lowering blood pressure, boosting the immune system, aiding relaxation and improving focus.

Mental and emotional benefits include greater self-acceptance, self-control, mind-body connection, social skills, and a positive outlook on life. This all adds up to improved mood and ability to manage life’s journey.

Yoga is known to relieve conditions such as asthma, back pain, and arthritis. Yoga’s benefits are under review for insomnia and multiple sclerosis, gastrointestinal functions, pain tolerance and to slow down aging.

Why wait any longer? You can feel better, anywhere.

Dr. Howie Shareff is the founder and director of You Call This Yoga, a 501c3 educational nonprofit organization with a mission to improve the public’s health with yoga. He began his yoga practice 15 years ago at the invitation of one of his dental patients, a new yoga teacher. The benefits were obvious to him in managing his stress and arthritis. Howie retired from dental practice due to disabling arthritis in 2007. Throughout his life altering process, yoga helped Howie prepare for and heal after surgeries, plus deal with his transition. And fuel his passion to help others to heal.

Howie is the author of the breakthrough book and DVD, Sit Stretch Smile, which allows anyone of any skill level to develop a chair based yoga practice. He volunteers at many public venues to advance awareness of the benefits of yoga and teach a gentle, easy and restorative practice. Howie produces and teaches on a 3x/week yoga program on Raleigh TV’s Channel 10 and writes health and wellness articles for several web and print outlets.
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