Mothers Day Ways to Celebrate Mom

By Paula Pugh

John’s sixty year old widowed mom lives in her original family home. For Mother’s Day, he asked her to make a “honey do” list. He and his family would spend Mother’s Day doing fix it jobs around her house.
Lucy and her siblings decided to look through family recipes and make a special dinner for mom featuring the dishes they had grown up with. I bet that many stories emerge from memories of those early times.
Penny found a photo of herself when she was about eight years old, made a copy, put it on a card, then wrote a long letter to her mom who lived far away. She mentioned the good times that she remembered when she looked at this photo.
What am I going to do for my mom who is 94? She lives next door and loves flowers. I am going to the local nursery and bring back some annuals to plant to perk up her front porch.

You see that you can celebrate your mom without the usual boring cards, corsage or dinner out. Take some time to think closely about your mom – her interests, her life style, her health. By doing this you will connect in a new way with this person who gave you life. It’s about telling her how you appreciate her. Use your creative juices to create an opportunity that isn’t necessarily expensive, yet is heartfelt.
As a person who doesn’t have patience for superficial interaction, I have had to develop a way to bridge the gap from inconsequential to meaningful.  My mission in life is to help people connect beyond the trivial and move into meaningful connection. It isn’t difficult. It takes setting intention, and allowing your imagination lead you on an adventure of seeing situations with a new lens.
In this case of moms, we all have them and there are few people who understand and know your mom better than you do. Work with this and you will come up with a unique, personal experience for her. Trust that you have this capacity and flow with something that might be unorthodox, maybe humorous, but ultimately meaningful.

Paula Pugh, author of Celebrating Beginnings and Endings – a guide for identifying milestones in life, tools to help mark them, and stories to inspire action. Paula is the queen of celebrations which connect hearts, create love, establish appreciation, and don’t cost much money. Find out more at Purchase her book on

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