Mother’s Day Gifts I’ve Never Forgotten: The Good And The Bad

By Karen Greene

An orange and lime green striped sweater, a new mop, three goldfish, and a new frying pan. A rock in the shape of a heart (sort of), a hand painted portrait and flowers made from Kleenex. At one time or another, I have received every one of these things as a Mother’s day gift. These weren’t just gifts from my children when they were young – one was from my grown-up son and one was from my spouse (I’ll give you no guesses which one!) Sometimes, they were given out of genuine love and affection and sometimes, I suspect, out of a sense of duty. However, no matter the circumstances, most of us want mom to be proud of what we get her.

Ask any mother anywhere and no matter the language, or culture you will find very few moms who will ever say they have received the worst Mother’s Day gift ever. A mother’s love knows no bounds and we love our children in spite of the tears and heartache and yes, the occasional feeling that you are not appreciated.

However, to my mind, the worst gift a mother can receive is nothing. Mothers are the ones who kiss your scraped knees and hold you at night when the shadows turn into monsters. Mothers let their little girls give them makeovers and never complain when their lipstick ends up around the lips rather than on them. Not to receive anything at all on Mother’s day is hurtful in a way I struggle to express. It conveys the message ‘I don’t really care about all the things you’ve done for me’.

Then, there are gifts any mother would love to have. You do not have to spend a lot of money to make your mom happy. Collect old photographs of yourself and your mom and arrange them chronologically. Put them in a scrapbook with captions that will remind her of the times you spent together. There are dollar stores in every strip mall in America. Stop in one and find a cute wicker basket and fill it to the brim with perfume, scented soaps, bath oil, and for good measure some exotic chocolate to really make her feel special.

If you want to give her a gift from all your siblings, consider having a special Mother’s day ring made. Each child could choose a stone and you could have it engraved with a personal message. This is sure to let mom know that she is special to you.

I have received some great Mother’s Day gifts from my children over the years and, of course, a few not-so-great ones. I have them all to this day. I have all the cards with the “I love yous” printed in childish scrawls, the rock that almost looked like a heart and yes, even the orange and lime green striped sweater is still around somewhere. I have kept all the wonderful presents I have been blessed with all these years, they remind me of the special person not everyone can be: a mother.

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