Cards, candy hearts and flowers are typical tokens of love for Valentine’s Day. However, you can show that special someone how much you care by thinking outside of the chocolate box. The following unique gifts and activities are great ways to fall in love and keep that passion ignited.

Spa Treatment

Ditching the technological gadgets for an evening can help reconnect a couple. Instead of dinner and a movie, you can do something out of the ordinary such as a couple’s spa treatment. Your local spa will have an assortment of Valentine’s Day packages designed for romance and love. Matching robes, chocolates and champagne can set the mood. If you want something a little more intimate, you can send the children to grandma’s and treat that special someone to an in-home massage. Here you can set the mood with candles, soft music, massage oils and lotions.

Customized Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are the hottest fashion trend to hit the market. Because the tattoos are easily removable with baby oil, you can change your personality and mood to match any type of sexy adornment. You can even surprise your loved one with customized temporary tattoos and placing them all over your body and allow them to explore the various body placements throughout the evening. If your partner has always dreamed of a sexy rocker or leather vixen, you can choose the right tattoos to fit your look. When it’s time to get back to reality, you’ll find the temporary tattoos easy to remove.

Slinky Lingerie

Setting the mood for an evening of romance begins with what you’re wearing. In order to feel sexy, you need to look the part from head to toe. Lingerie with sexy corsets, feathered boas, teddy’s and heels or boots can heighten a couple’s romantic mood. You can also incorporate costumes and accessories into your adult adventure. Sexy intimates aren’t only restricted to women, and the male gender can appeal to their lady love’s by wearing something sizzling and intimate such as silk boxers or edible thongs.

Toys and Games

Valentine’s isn’t just for evening. You can begin your sizzling adventure in the morning as you send your lover off to work. Give them a hint of what you’re going to be wearing with a naughty text or photo. As the day goes on, you can add to the mood by telling your partner how the evening is going to unfold and what your steamy plans are. Toys and games can also be added in to make your Valentine’s hotter with lotions, edible oils, props and exciting activities.


A change of scenery can do wonders for a couple and help loosen your inhibitions. Whether you plan a whole weekend getaway, an overnight gathering or an afternoon of delight, you can capture the magic with a few stolen hours at your favorite hotel.

Typical holiday fare of overcrowded restaurants, candy and plants can be thoughtful gestures. However, if you want to instill passion and make it a day to remember, you’ll want to follow the above sizzling tips for a romantic holiday.

Being a lover at heart enables Nadine Swayne to offer this article. If you’re looking for unique ideas for Valentine’s Day, try searching online using the term customized temporary tattoos, to gather tips guaranteed to help make your night sizzle!

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