Life is Hard Sometimes…….But I Will Be Okay

By Brittany Crawford

Children are one of society’s most precious gifts. Parents delight in watching their baby grow from an infant to an adult. Each phase of life comes with the opportunity for a child to master new skills, such as crawling, talking, and driving. However, some children with special needs may find these and other tasks difficult. Children with special needs may use various forms of medical equipment such as, braces, crutches, or wheelchairs to help with daily living.

Children often face tough life situations everyday. This is why Brittany Crawford, a recently published children’s author, has written a book called I Sit In A Wheelchair….But I Will Be Okay. The book is aimed at preschool aged children, but everyone, disabled or not, can learn something from the story. Penny Brown is a five year old girl who goes to Kindergarten in a wheelchair. She becomes angry that she cannot do activities that her classmates can do, such as jump, run, or walk. Penny’s parents and best friend Amy show her that it is okay to be different. A new boy named Josh comes to Penny’s class one day. Will Penny in comfort in something she in Josh have in common?

I Sit In A Wheelchair……But I Will Be Okay is Crawford’s debut children’s book. She works with a talented illustrator named Michelle Oakley. Miss Oakley is from Sperry, Oklahoma. The book was based on Crawford’s life. She has a disability called Cerebral Palsy. Michelle also has a disability called Auditory Processing Disorder. Brittany and Michelle do not let anything stand in the way of their challenges. The two women live by the philosophy that you can do anything you set your mind to.

Brittany and Michelle are currently working on an entire series of books featuring the character Penny Brown. death, divorce, and illness are just three difficult situations that children often face. In fact, the next Penny Brown book deals with a member of penny’s family who faces a devastating illness. The Penny stories will also focus on topics such as moving to a new town, responsibility, and trouble at school. Book #2 in the Penny series is currently being illustrated.

I Sit In A Wheelchair……..But I Will Be Okay can currently be purchased on and This book is also available on Amazon Kindle a nd it will be coming soon to the Nook. A Facebook page has also been set up for Penny Brown. It is called I Sit In A Wheelchair……But I Will Be Okay (Penny Brown Books) Brittany and Michelle also enjoy blogging about the book. The Penny Brown Adventures can be found on The two ladies also hold book signings for bookstores churches, preschoos and public schools. If you are interested in having Brittany and Michelle speak at your event, please contact them via the blog, face book, or e-mil, They would enjoy hearing from you. Penny understands Life Is Hard Sometimes……..But She Will Be Okay.

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