How To Choose The Best Baby Crib

By Billy Delaney

A baby crib is an essential piece of furniture for any baby room. In fact, it is often the first piece of furniture purchased so its impact can have a great deal of influence on future purchases in terms of styles and what pieces are selected. Here, we have put together a list of tips you can use to help you find the right baby crib for your baby.

1. Pick new cribs over older cribs. Hand me down cribs may be nostalgic and be very beautiful. However, they are also older and more susceptible to breaking down. In addition, they have not had to meet the same safety standards of new cribs. In fact, safety regulations have become more stringent in recent years. Therefore, to ensure your baby is well protected, we suggest you only look at brand new cribs. Any cribs that were made prior to the summer of 2011 will have not been required to meet the same safety standards as new cribs.

2. Get a crib that fits your nursery room. It does not make any sense to get a baby crib that will not fit your baby room. You should take some time to take the measurements of your baby room and also the layout of the room. Give some thought to how you would like the room to look and how all the different pieces of furniture that you want could fit. You want to make sure that there will be plenty of room to move around. If space is limited, you will want to opt for smaller cribs. Mini or portable cribs can be very effective in this situation as they tend to be around 20 inches shorter in length. In addition, a circular or round crib may be a good space saver. They have the advantage of being able to be placed in the center of the room or pushed into a corner of the room. They also will have less length although they will normally have a slightly longer depth (diameter) than other traditional cribs.

3. Prioritize your buying needs. If price is a big factor in your buying decision, you will most likely want to opt for softwood baby cribs over hardwoods. The softwoods are cheaper but tend to not be as durable as hardwood. In addition, you will also want to take a look at convertible baby cribs or combo cribs. Both of these options can provide added value and cost savings. Of course, if quality is a more overriding factor in your buying decision, you will want to opt for hardwood cribs.

4. Read customer reviews for performance. The internet has provided a great opportunity for you to be able to find out what people all over the country think about a particular product. This also extends to baby products like baby cribs. Take advantage of this by finding out what their experiences are and what potential issues any crib may have. This will help you figure out which products and manufacturers deliver the best results. We recommend you avoid brand new products and key on products that have been out for at least a few months so that there will be enough time to adequately review the product. This process allows you to let others be the guinea pigs and you to reap the rewards of their experience.

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