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How To Adapt The Right Color Clothing To Compliment Your Hair Tone


If you are looking to change the colour of your hair or you are simply struggling to find the right type of clothes to match your tone, you have come to the right place. Here I have gathered the ‘must have’ tips on how to best work your hair colour. So, whether you have red, brown or blond hair, these styling tips are sure to make you look amazing.

Red Hair

If you are a fiery redhead than you will need to find clothing which matches your personality. Redheads look great when wearing colours such as ivory and green. If you want to avoid looking drab and washed out than you need to avoid altogether colours such as pale yellow. If you want to create a warm tone to go with your beautiful freckles than opt for colours such as orange and brown. If you are a true redhead then I suggest you welcome the shades of beige, camel and nice peachy colours. If you want to really turn heads than you should be daring and opt for bright pink or purple.

Blond Hair

Women with blond hair tend to look their best in warmer tones. You should look more towards rust, orange and yellow colours. Pale neutral colours will also suit your shade of hair nicely. If you want to look pure than you can fashion.001easily get away with wearing crisp white. Blond hair has an advantage as it can make any outfit look good, you can even opt for blue and sapphire colours!


Ladies with a warm undertone look their best when wearing colours such as green and blue. Orange, pink and yellow will also look great on you! True red is a magnificent and sexy shade to wear if you want to turn plenty of heads. If you are a more subtle type of girl than colours such as chocolate brown, navy blue and charcoal gray will look great.

Black Hair

As black hair is one of the most common types of colours it can often be hard to decide exactly which colours look best. It is a tricky one as you don’t want to risk looking washed out by wearing dark clothing. Well, your best bet is to wear clothes which match the natural undertone of your black hair. If you want to create a sexy yet bold look than opt for wearing colours such as navy blue. Royal purple, red and green are also bold colours which will help you make a statement. Silvery and pink colours will also suit you well, rather than opting for a ‘dull’ look why not try and be outgoing by wearing shades of blue, silver and pink.

So, there you have it. You now know exactly what colours will suit you best. If you need any inspiration on hair colours and styles than simply do your research! There are a variety of shades of red, brown and blond so be sure you know your exact hair colour before you attempt to dress in any particular colour!

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