Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas

Are you stumped trying to figure out the perfect gift for mom? Flowers or the typical Sunday brunch just not cutting it anymore? Your mother is special. She’s done many special things for you. Creating homemade mother’s day gifts is the perfect way to show mom just how special she is to you. Homemade mother’s day gifts are usually more sentimental and tend to pull at the at the heart strings a bit more.

One such gift is a photo book or album. If you want to see your mother get sentimental gift her a book of memories.

Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas

Some ideas of what type of book to create would be:

  • Childhood Memories –  Gather photos of all of your mother’s children through out the years. Especially look for special occasions, milestones, achievements and memorable events. Nothing is more precious to a mother than her children.


  • Wedding Albums –  Recreate or in some cases present Mom with a proper wedding album. Wedding albums have changed over the years. There are currently some beautiful options available. Now is the perfect time to refresh your parents wedding album. Or look for wedding photos that were never actually added to an album and create a special book for them.


  • Vacations –  Most of the time our vacation photos are tucked away and not looked at or enjoyed as they should be. Vacations make excellent photo books. Especially exotic vacations or trips abroad. When creating a vacation album or photo book be sure to create a good mix of landmarks and moments. Don’t fill your photo book with shots of The Eiffel Tower or The Grand Canyon. Instead include an image of the monument coupled with images of the subjects enjoying themselves while visiting the landmarks.


  • Special Occasions –  This type of book focuses only on momentous occasions such as Birthdays, Graduations, Weddings, Child Firsts (walking, first words, first day of school, etc) or you could create a special occasions culmination album.


Create The Perfect Gift For Mom

Once you’ve come up with an idea of the book you’d like to create it’s time to decide on a book or album. What’s the difference between and album and a photobook. To the layman, not much. But in the world of book binding there are two major distinctions. Price and structure.

In most cases both books and albums will be able to be created with a variety of cover options. So in that sense they both equal. However most albums will include more premium options and hiqher quality cover options. One major advantage an album has over a photobook is the option to choose flushmount. This means the pages will lie perfectly flat with no gutter fold in the middle. For these reasons albums tend to be more expensive than photobooks. Both however are great options.

Flush mount album: notice how flat the lies even in the center at the seam.






Photobook: photobooks will have a gutter in the center. It is important to remember this when placing your photos as you will loose a small portion of the photo in the gutter.


Creating your photobooks or albums is actually pretty simple. You just gather your photos. Arrange them in the order to which you’d like to tell your story and then it’s time to create your book. Take your photos to a book binding service now readily available at places like Walmart or Walgreens. You can use their easy to follow print service to upload your photos and order your book.

Optionally you can create your book or album online using a service like Shutterfly, or WHCC. Shutterfly offers a wide variety of photobooks and even has the option to upgrade to albums. There are many other services online to choose from as well. Some of the album printers though only offer services to professionals so you may need to use an album design service to have your album printed by them.

Whichever style you choose you will have created the perfect mother’s day gift that your mom will cherish forever. Just be sure to start your project with enough to complete it and have it printed and delivered before mom’s special day.

Photo credits Veronica Spriggs

Author Bio: Veronica Spriggs is owner, designer and photography blogger for weddingalbumcafe.com

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